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Orange launches a new international cloud platform

March 12, 2014, Moscow

Orange Business Services, an international service provider, announced the launch of a Flexible Computing Express cloud platform in Russia. The Flexible Computing Express platform represents a virtual private cloud and provides computing services based on data center hardware in France under the Infrastructure as a Service model. In the future, this service and other cloud services will be available on the basis of other Orange data centers in the world (in Germany and Poland).

Taking into account global tendencies, Orange invests around 1 billion dollars annually in data center infrastructure and global network. The primary areas of Orange business strategy are development of cloud infrastructure for fixed and mobile services and development of IT and cloud services. Currently, the company has more than 100,000 customers using Orange cloud services around the world.

The launch of the Flexible Computing Express cloud platform in Russia is another step within the development of Orange global cloud strategy. This service may be used, for instance, for solution of the following tasks:

  • hosting of web-based applications for Internet and Intranet using databases (for instance, websites with intensive web traffic);
  • development of applications for solution of business tasks, including those with extra security requirements;
  • creation of a  backup data center.

The solution ideally fits Russian companies planning an international expansion. Its primary advantages are the option of access both through a dedicated IP VPN channel and the Internet, and  technical support in Russian. The higher security level is implemented through a built-in antivirus and anti-DDOS, virtual network firewall and virtual load-balancing unit. The solution allows expenses to be optimized by  unification and centralization of infrastructure and increasing return on investments in IT.

"The cloud services market is still young in our country but it demonstrates significant growth," says Almaz Shakirzyanov, Head of the Strategy and Business Analysis Department of Orange Business Services in Russia and CIS. "Concurrently, we have a high growth rate of IaaS and SaaS services, in total comprising 42%. Growing demand from banking, oil, retail and other sectors of the economy is evident. Service providers feel confident in this market and are offering innovative cloud solutions."

"Amid the competition, operators offer much more than basic telecommunication services," concludes Sergei Kuzmin, Director of the Products and Services Department of Orange Business Services in Russia and CIS countries. "The key areas of competitive strategy are unique strategy services, such as cloud services; they may be so-called "anchor" services, which will make it possible to retain customers and attract new ones along with increasing loyalty."


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