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Open Videopresence Virtual Room

Exchange between computers and tablets at any time in a videoconference.

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videoconferencing between computers, tablets or smartphones
Open Videopresence Virtual Room allows you to hold a meeting in a secure videoconference at any time, without a reservation. Invite the participants and in just one click they can join the videoconference from their computers, tablets or smartphones.





use your Internet connection
You and your partners will be able to connect easily to Open Videopresence Virtual Room from your computers, tablets or smartphones on an Internet network (there is a light software download to install upon first connection).

plug in your webcam and headset
To receive audio and video, see your participants and take full advantage of your meeting, using a webcam and headset is recommended. In the event that one of the participants does not have the recommended equipment, it could cause quality issues such as an echo. For these instances, the video conferences can also be attended in audio only mode, from a fixed or mobile phone.


be more responsive and flexible
You can use your videoconferencing solution whenever and however you want. For example, if a meeting has to be postponed, you don’t have to reschedule the conference.  From your computer or tablet, wherever you are, connect easily to your videoconference thanks to Open Videopresence Virtual Room.

speed up decision-making
By limiting travel substantially, your business partners are more effective at making decisions fast.

control costs
Thanks to monthly pricing related to the plan chosen, billing is predictable.

get secure access
Access to your videoconferences is secured thanks to a moderator access code that only you have.

give the planet a hand
By limiting your trips and those made by your partners you help reduce CO2 emissions. You adopt an active eco-friendly approach.








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