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Improves communication between its sites in Russia and West Africa

Orange Business Services is providing secure satellite VPN services to improve communication between the Russian headquarters of Nordgold and the company’s Lefa mine in Guinea and the Bissa and Taparko mines in Burkina Faso in West Africa. Nordgold has six other mining companies in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Nordgold adopts best practices for managing business processes. The contract with Orange guaranteed us a prompt and reliable integration of African units into Nordgold’s existing corporate infrastructure.
Sergey Zinkovich, CFO, Nordgold

issues and challenges

Due to its rapid business growth in Africa, Nordgold needed to modernize its data channels to improve communication between sites while benefiting from a high level of network security, quality of service, an optimal price and the ability to prioritize traffic, especially video conferencing and voice over IP.



our solution

Orange Business Services has extensive experience in delivering infrastructure and services to high-growth markets and provides local support in 166 countries, including 28 African countries. Orange Business Services’ satellite solution allows access to the Orange IP VPN, covering more than 160 countries. Orange Business Services has a fully-integrated terrestrial and satellite network that not only provides a secure high level of availability, but also flexibility so that changes can be made quickly and easily whenever needed.


To connect Nordgold’s satellite stations – two in Burkina Faso and one in GuineaOrange’s satellite teleport in France was used, coupled with a high-speed optical communication link with the Russian Orange network and the customer’s infrastructure. The implementation was supported by Orange Business Services experts from the Middle East and Africa.


  • Connectivity


secure infrastructure that meets the most stringent safety requirements


 high qualitaty

continuous connection with a guaranteed speed


Nordgold (LSE: NORD) is an independent international mining company  with a portfolio of nine mines and a number of development projects that was founded in 2007.  Number of employees in the CIS and West Africa is about 10 thousand persons.

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