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Networks explained to

Slash operational costs and achieve rapid return on investment
Gain tighter control over your network costs with our portfolio of global managed network services. Our integrated security and application optimization lets you achieve long-lasting return on investment, while our global reach gives you a suitable access solution in virtually any location.

Are you finding it difficult to keep track of your network and IT spending? Organic procurement of networks and telecommunications services can see management and costs spiral out of control. Without centralized control, it can be difficult to reduce operational costs.

You also need to maximize return on existing network investments. Application optimization will ensure that your network is able to support your applications now and in the future without costly bandwidth upgrades.

how we can help

We offer fully-managed network solutions that are available worldwide. In each country, we select the access solution that best meets the service quality and budget requirements of each of site.

To lower operating costs you can run data, voice and video can all on the same network. In addition, as a worldwide provider we can help you eliminate the cost and admin complexity of maintaining many vendor relationships. Our end-to-end managed solution also requires no capital expenditure, which limits your investment in hardware and human resources.

Our network solutions include built-in security and application performance tools delivered as a managed service, which require no additional investment in hardware. The application performance tools allow you to control and manage your existing bandwidth, thereby reducing upgrade costs.

our network solution benefits at a glance

  • reduce capital expenditure with a managed service and a single supplier
  • improve network return on investment with application optimization
  • limit additional investment with integrated security
  • run voice, video and data on the same network
  • use the correct access method at each of your sites
  • receive rapid quotes and connect sites quickly
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