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Net Hosting

Place your equipment in our Data Centers

Orange Business Services

You can place your equipment in our Data Centers (DCs) in Moscow and in other regions. You can use our racks or install your own ones.



The infrastructure of DCs consists of fault-tolerant power supply, air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems. The reservation of each element of the system is performed in accordance with existing standards.


reduced costs

You can save on costs related to the purchasing, installation and maintenance of systems required for proper operation of your hardware. 




Equipment that is installed in DCs usually imposes stringent requirements on the operating conditions. We provide everything you need for optimal performance of your equipment:

DPC life sustaining systems

    — fail-free energy supply

    — fire extinguishing system

    — climate control (temperature, humidity, dust levels)

    — 24-hour monitoring of critical parameters of equipment operation

    — guarantee of equipment safety with an access control system and video surveillance system

    — availability of high speed communication channels


support services by Orange specialists

     — equipment restart

     — verification of equipment indication


additional features

     — equipment installation

     — installation of additional security and monitoring measures

     — SLA agreement with financial guarantees by Orange

     — high-speed secure connection to the services of the Orange Business Services network.




risk reduction

Our DCs ensure the highest physical safety of your equipment. The infrastructure of our DCs allows us to ensure a high level of availability for your applications.


cost reduction

You will significantly reduce IT costs by avoiding the creation of special server rooms to accommodate your equipment.




We have many years of experience in the market of hosting and data center services.


comprehensive projects

Our experience and knowledge in evaluation, development, implementation and management of the comprehensive telecommunications projects guarantees you a really holistic solution that meets all your requirements and does not depend on the geographic scope of your business.


round the clock support by Orange

Our support services are available to you 24/7.



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