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Conferencing explained to

End-to-end conferencing
We offer an end-to-end service to deploy audio, video and web conferencing solutions. Our cloud-based offerings help you deploy conferencing on demand, and our extensive support frees up your employees to really focus on core business.

Are you faced with the challenge of delivering and supporting collaboration and conferencing tools, while keeping an eye on costs? As employees demand new services, being able to roll out and support high-quality conferencing tools quickly and conveniently can keep employees happy and make your life easier.

video, audio and web

For video, we can simplify your rollout by helping you design and implement a solution. We also provide comprehensive service management along with end-user support to ensure the ongoing operation of your solution. This includes a help desk and concierge service to directly support your end users.

Our audio and web conferencing portfolio offers both cloud-based and managed delivery, backed by the reliability of a single, global provider – making managing services easier for you.

Working with Orange lets you deliver the latest collaboration solutions to internal teams, external partners, clients and more. It enables you to provide your organization with the tools to be more productive, efficient and cost-effective.

benefits of our conferencing solution for the IT manager


  • single global provider makes conferencing tools easier to deploy and manage
  • clarity of cost savings thanks to full visibility of charges
  • end-to-end video service from design to implementation
  • the collaboration tools demanded by employees and beneficial to the business
  • end-to-end user support that takes the load off the IT help desk
  • in-depth reporting tools to simplify your role and responsibilities
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