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Protection from DDoS attacks

Orange Business Services

We offer efficient and around the clock protection for your network against DDoS attacks at the level of a telecom operator providing functionalities of your resources even under the mass attacks.


full support

Protection against DDoS attacks is a fully manageable solution with 24 hours a day support. Our team will customize the solution in accordance with your company objectives and security policies and will support it 24/7.


optimized protection level

Protection against DDoS attacks is exceptionally important for the companies with activities in the Internet and with businesses depending on the Internet. In particular, these are banks, companies engaged in electronic commerce (Internet shops), content providers, companies using electronic payment and order systems and mass media. Our service is efficient both for large companies with the consolidated infrastructure and for small stand-alone offices.



Protection service against DDoS attacks is arranged on the basis of Cisco equipment installed in the Orange network. Before protection activation, we provide training and setting of the equipment in accordance with the legitimate traffic of the client.

In case of attacks, the equipment blocks malicious traffic and routes to the client only the legitimate one.



protection against DDoS attacks

Your network is protected at the telecom operator level, so even with the mass attacks your business is kept functional. DDoS attack is countered before it penetrates into your network and your resources are used only for business needs.


monitoring around the clock

The dedicated Internet security team on duty provides monitoring and responses to attacks 24/7.


full reporting

Web portal ensures a secure access to the online monitoring system and reports on the operations of the protection system against DDoS attacks.



You will minimize significantly your costs thanks to savings from the purchases of your own equipment and employment of the highly qualified specialists; both are no more necessary.



Why us?

  • maintenance of the system is performed by a dedicated team of the certified specialists which keep monitoring 24/7
  • access to the online monitoring and reports is provided via a web portal
  • you receive a detailed statistics report monthly



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