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Internet Direct

Access to the Internet

Orange Business Services

We offer the Internet access services focused on the business needs in reliability, redundancy and security. Unique protection capabilities against DDoS attacks provide protection to your business and financial guarantees of the operability.


wide geography

We offer our service within the whole territory of Russia and with the Orange presence in major Internet traffic exchange points (IX) we support optimized traffic exchange routes with Russian and international Internet segments.


fault tolerance

Redundancy of all the communications channels and network hosts provides improved fault tolerance of our service.



Our service includes:

  • selection of different access lines (FOCLs, copper, satellite)
  • wide range of the Internet access speed up to 1 GB/s
  • dedicated up to 256 IP addresses from the Orange address space
  • different traffic routing types:

     — static routing for the companies with small networks − routing options are set manually

     — dynamic routing for the networks with complex topology − automatic traffic routing

  • access to the reports via web interface



wide geography

Thanks to extensive infrastructure of Orange Business Services you may use our Internet access services within the whole territory of Russia.


advantages of the operator-integrator

Being a global operator-integrator, we are in position to offer unique integration solutions for complex telecommunication challenges and holistic business interrelations. Our strong integrator reputation is supported by the high partner statuses with the leading vendors: Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, EMC, VMware, Microsoft and Riverbed. We are a part of the international Orange Group and use technologies and the best service implementation practices of the global operator.


single service provider

Our service portfolio offers all the necessary business services − telephony, access networks, security, contact center, collaboration tools and more. Contacting us you may easily connect new services as your business grows.




fault tolerance

Redundancy of all the communications channels and network hosts provides improved fault tolerance of our service.


knowledge and experience of the global operator

We have been working in the telecom market for more than 50 years. In the meantime, we managed to collect a unique experience in providing communications both to businesses. Currently, we offer our services within 220 countries and territories.


Orange online support

Our highly qualified technical staff is available and ready to help 24/7.



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