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Improve support with global contact centers

As the main points of interaction for many customers, contact centers perform a crucial function in business. They are instrumental in ensuring customer loyalty and play a vital role in expansion into new markets.

We will help you to choose the best customer-interaction solution depending on your business needs. Your solution may include various technologies and working arrangements for operators. For example:

  • with comprehensive contact center outsourcing you receive a fully manageable solution to communicate efficiently with your end customers using all the benefits and experience of our highly-qualified specialists from a single toll-free number for all incoming 8-800-500 calls and smart interactive voice response (IVR) to call processing under scenarios of any complexity
  • we also offer partial contact center outsourcing  with your operators at the Orange Contact Center or remote work stations arranged at a customer's office at any point of access to the Orange IP VPN network
  • additionally to contact center outsourcing services, we offer all you need such as consulting and management services to arrange your own contact center, including those spread geographically, irrespective of their location


A state-of-the-art platform which forms the basis for our Contact Center allows you to use not only telephony but also other communication channels that are convenient for your customers, such as e-mail, fax, and web-forms. This is a unified processing center for incoming and outgoing telephone calls and message reception using different channels. It accounts for more than 700 incoming telephone lines. About 250 operators are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


equally high service quality across the world

With our wide capabilities we are well placed to deploy solutions anywhere in the world. Our contact center arrangement solutions will help you to improve the level of your customer service while minimizing capital and operational costs. Thanks to these solutions, you will be able to standardize and automate your service and prospect engagement processes. 

Our service portfolio offers both full contact center outsourcing solutions and solutions to set up operator work stations including remote ones. We provide a smart IVR platform with voice recognition, toll-free federal 8-800 and international numbers, and local access numbers with call routing between contact centers and offices. 


business needs we help to meet

  • cost optimization
  • your global company availability for customers on a 24/7 basis with minimum investment
  • improved customer loyalty
  • automated incoming message processing
  • launches of large-scale seasonal campaigns for incoming and outgoing calls 
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