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Global Contact Center Access

Contact center virtual access number

Orange Business Services

Contact center virtual access numbers allow your clients to use local landline phone numbers to communicate with your employees.

Key service benefits:

  • cost effectiveness: Setting up your own contact center without the need to invest in equipment and infrastructure, and without the need for organizational and time expenditure.
  • convenience: No heed for additional recruitment in different Russian regions as all calls are directed to one office/branch.
  • lower investments at a local infrastructure level while organizing your regional activities.
  • local telephone numbers for local subscribers and attractive means of telephone communication.
  • minimal rates for local calls made by callers



To provide access to the unified contact center in different Russian regions, we assign local landline telephone numbers in every major city. All incoming calls to the access numbers are automatically redirected to the contact center located at the headquarters or in another city, ensuring lower operating costs. A number for redirections is assigned from the Orange number plan.



additional coverage

Not all regional subscribers are prepared to call 8-800 numbers, thinking that calls will be charged at inter-city rates, while locally coded numbers will help you broaden the circle of your potential customers.


cost effectiveness

You may set up your own contact center without investing in equipment and infrastructure, additional recruitment, and without organizational and time expenditure. Moreover, you will be only charged for local or inter-areal connections.


local presence

You may order as many access numbers as you need in the cities of your priority and customize redirection to a single contact center using our network infrastructure. You have no need to retain additional staff in different Russian regions when you can redirect all incoming calls to one representative office.




all the required licenses

The Orange voice switching network and licenses for local, inter-areal, long-distance, and international telephony facilitate absolutely legal redirection of incoming local calls to a number in another region, thus creating the effect of a local presence for your company.


turnkey solution

Orange, with its wide-ranging capabilities, will create a tailored solution to meet the needs of your business, using the full range of telecommunication services.




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