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General Satellite

General Satellite
General Satellite
Uses video conferencing by Orange based on cisco solutions

Orange Business Services created a video conferencing system for the managers of General Satellite corporation that provides equipment and solutions to more than 11 million subscribers of the satellite broadcasting projects such as Tricolor TV and NTV+ and also in all the zones of terrestrial digital broadcasting within Russia and many foreign countries.

Thanks to the successful project, video conferencing in our company has become a routine communications tool, significantly increasing its efficiency. In the future, we plan to expand the number of users of corporate video conferencing and make it accessible from the cloud.
Oleg Aleshkin, CIO, General Satellite

issues and challenges

Multiple offices in St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad Region and implementation of certain international broadcasting projects demanded an efficient communication channel between the company's managers. The main criteria to select the solution were easy-to-use communications capabilities and high quality connections.


our solution

The optimal solution was offered by Orange Business Services, the only telecom operator in Russia with the status of Cisco Golden Partner. The project based on the Cisco equipment created two video rooms in the headquarters of the company and provided Cisco video conferencing terminals for the offices of the directors for their private communications. High quality communications was provided by the video traffic prioritization capabilities of the Orange IP VPN.




The project reduced dramatically the number of business trips by company executives and made for faster managerial decisions.


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