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Free Phone 8-800

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Free Phone 8-800-500 is a service to arrange and optimize the operations of the contact centers, hot lines and technical Helpdesks and a single entry point for marketing campaigns.

free call

Telephone numbers in format 8-800-500-ХХХХ help you arrange free phone calls for your clients.


processing of mass calls

Free Phone 8-800-500 service provides a higher efficiency for your business optimizing processing of the mass calls.


additional features

Additionally to the 8-800-500 number, you may arrange call forwarding to our or your contact center, record conversations and use the IVR service, an inexpensive and efficient call processing option with speech recognition and generation features.




You select a standard or gold smart telephone number with code 8-800-500. The numbers in the gold group are easier to remember and use principles of symmetry, digit sequences or pinned to a year.

Then you set forwarding rules to local, mobile or international phone numbers. Additionally, you may set forwarding depending on region, time of the call or subscriber language.




With 8-800-500, you will get the following benefits:

  • 8-800-500 is not bound to your real location and you are free to live in any city
  • your clients call free at 8-800-500 irrespectively of their location within the territory of the Russian Federation
  • 8-800-500-ХХХХ is an easy-to-remember number both visually and aurally
  • calls from the clients in Russia are accepted 24 hours a day
  • processing of the calls is set by your rules: you may distribute calls depending on geography or time




We offer the unlimited charging scheme on favorable terms.


no subscription fee

We do not charge a subscription fee subject to a minimum invoice amount.


web portal

We provide you with a web portal to manage your service and change all the settings and rules in the real time.


all services from a single provider

In addition to our Free Phone 8-800-500 service, we could help you to arrange your contact center and automated processing of the calls from your clients (IVR).


advantages of the operator-integrator

We offer a whole range of the telecom services for businesses. Our experience and knowledge in evaluation, development, implementation and management of the large telecommunications projects accompanied by our understanding of the business principles guarantees you a really holistic solution free of any dependence on your business city and country location. Our strong integrator reputation is supported by the high partner statuses with the leading vendors: Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, EMC, VMware, Microsoft and Riverbed.



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