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Flexible Computing Express

Virtual data center

Orange Business Services

We offer you a virtual data center with defined processor power, memory and hard drive capacities, backup space, and other data center resources including Internet or VPN connections.


great capabilities

The virtual data center will help you meet the special needs of the main web application families: websites with intensive traffic, online stores or safe production applications. The virtual data center may be used as your environment for development, testing, application production provisioning and production itself.

manageable infrastructure

You can manage usage of the IT resources through changes in redundant assets and activations of the CPU and memory boost modes. This will help you manage seasonal fluctuations and unexpected activity peaks.

optimized budget

You pay only for the resources you need. With your infrastructure hosted on our servers, you have no costs related to repairs, upgrades, and modifications of the servers and hardware.



resources on demand
The virtual data center helps you to arrange and scale infrastructure according to your business tasks. To this end, you will have access to a complete range of IT resources, including protected architecture with six security zones, load balancer, and dedicated firewall. You select the resources of your virtual center such as CPU, memory and hard drive capacity (Silver and/or Gold), setting their redundancy and maximum threshold values. 

flexible and easy management
Your system administrator will review resource usage statistics in real time and easily manage your virtual infrastructure and resources via a friendly web portal. So as not to exceed your budget limits, your system administrator may set maximum threshold values. Necessary resources may be adjusted daily according to your business needs.

high application safety level
Physical infrastructure is located in our data centers in France with redundant hardware, 24/7 protection from unauthorized access, video surveillance cameras, air conditioners, fire alarm system, and other necessary equipment. Data center architecture includes a virtual dedicated firewall and load balancer. Software RSA-based authentication technology ensures safe and reliable connections to your resources via Intranet or Internet. For greater security, we also use patches and application packages to ensure your data protection.



IT adaptation for specific business tasks
Now you can configure your infrastructure in real time, reacting quickly to changing business tasks. With our public cloud software, publishers and integrators will be able to offer more benefits to their clients based on comprehensive scalable solutions at any level from infrastructure to selected applications.
optimized IT budget
You optimize your budget while paying only for the resources you actually use. We will take care of the installation of your IT infrastructure, its management and maintenance, and you will use the latest technologies without investing your funds in the purchase and maintenance of physical, often excessively powerful, servers.

maximized reliability and security
Our solution provides absolute security. Your servers are located in our data centers with support service operational 24/7 in different languages, ensuring 99.95% monthly availability for our cloud.

more resources freed up to focus on your core business
Hosting and maintaining your infrastructure in the data center you will be able to allocate more resources to your company's core activities.



advantages of the operator-integrator

Being a global operator-integrator, we are perfectly placed to offer unique integration solutions for complex telecommunication challenges and holistic business interrelations. We are a part of the international Orange Group and use technologies and the best service implementation practices of a global operator.


single service provider

Our service portfolio offers all the necessary business services − telephony, access networks, security, contact center, collaboration tools, and more. As your business grows, it is a simple matter to connect new services when you work with us.



Orange online support operates 24/7 with technical specialists who are always on hand to help.



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