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Ethernet Link

Dedicated Ethernet channel

Orange Business Services

We offer a dedicated high-speed communications channel on the basis of the Ethernet protocol. It allows for interconnection of offices within a corporate network, geographical redundancy of network infrastructure and access to the Data Center (DC). The Ethernet channel is of particular importance for high-quality communications and high-speed access to remote infrastructure.

high rates

We provide data rates up to 1 Gbit/s.



Traffic does not go beyond the dedicated channel, this is done to protect against leaks.



Rapid scalability and the capability to increase channel speed as soon as possible ensure you receive unrivaled flexibility of service.


prioritization of data

We offer 4 levels of service for prioritization of your traffic within the channel. 



For geographically dispersed offices of a customer that are connected to the Orange data network, a dedicated point to point MPLS tunnel is created. To do this, the customer's terminal equipment will be connected to the Orange network via the communication hub.

Confidentiality of information is achieved by isolating the Orange trunk data network, which is based on MPLS technology, from the public network (Internet).




cost reduction

You can reduce the cost of creating a corporate network, because you do not need to install routers or other expensive equipment, as is the case with traditional networks.



The efficiency of your business processes will be increased due to high data rates and quality of traffic on the channel.



Traffic goes through the MPLS tunnel, which means a higher level of reliability during information sharing.





Why us?

  • geographical availability of the service: on the territory of Russia
  • flexibility

      — the service is provided on the trunk network and on municipal Metro Ethernet networks of Orange

      — rapid scalability and the capability to increase channel speed as soon as possible

  • reliability and security

      — isolation of traffic is carried out by encapsulating it in a dedicated tunnel

  • transparent tariff structure
  • user-friendly service

      — single contact point for all questions related to connection, technical services, billing

  • 24-hour technical support
  • fully manageable solution

      — Orange provides, installs and manages the terminal equipment



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