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Enterprise Application Management (Riverbed)

Orange Business Services

Optimization of the communication channels supported by the Riverbed equipment helps to remedy data exchange delays and broadband limitations while improving the response time of business applications and optimizing the WAN network traffic volume.

IT model adaptation to your needs
Optimization of communication channels provides a centralized management service for your core IT resources, reduces capital costs, streamlines key business processes, and improves performance. We can support your existing equipment or provide you with a totally transparent and manageable service with full control of your costs.

improved operational performance
We understand our clients' needs and track the ongoing availability of key applications to maximize their performance for your employees wherever they may be. Forget about hanging computers and slow applications.



The Steelhead equipment by Riverbed improves the response time of applications, helps to optimize the WAN network and is managed through a central management console (CMC). The service is also available for WAN networks of other providers.

Steelhead equipment is efficiently powered by the Riverbed (RiOS) operation system. RiOS helps to remedy common issues with WAN networks and application performance including:

  • limited broadband capabilities of WAN networks
  • inefficient transport protocols in environments with large delays
  • inefficient application protocols in environments with large delays


The RiOS operation system intercepts client-server connections without interfering in their normal communications, file system semantics, and protocols. All client requests are transparently passed through the equipment, optimizing traffic for better performance.



advantages of managed services

No capital costs or equipment expenditures: Save on purchases of special equipment and associated maintenance costs (commonly more than 80% of the total value).

Easy scalability of technologies with lower risks associated with business growth: No more worries about legacy replacements and infrastructure updates.

A single interface: Access to technologies of third-party providers is granted via a single interface.

Optimization of resources and quick adaptation

Accelerated applications and compressed data according to the latest industry standards and technologies

Payment model "as you grow"


High ROI

Thanks to consulting, analysis and expert recommendations, our solutions provide immediate financial results

Capital expenditure and costs on management and maintenance of hardware fall to us, making your budget more transparent and more easily manageable

Up to 17% lower total cost of ownership with our application acceleration solutions

Reduce internal expenses by 66% and improve the response time of your applications by 50% with our optimization of communication channels

We have been delivering application optimization solutions since 2002. The unwavering quality of our services is confirmed by Authorized Riverbed Support Partner status. This ensures that all our clients are supported by highly qualified consultants and technicians and the quality of the services is internationally recognized. Moreover, Riverbed technologies are leaders in their class. You can rest assured that you have entrusted effective performance of your key applications to a reliable partner.



Orange online support operates 24/7 with technical specialists who are always ready to help.


advantages of the operator-integrator

Being a global operator-integrator, we are perfectly placed to offer unique integration solutions for complex telecommunication challenges and holistic business interrelations. We are a part of the international Orange Group and use technologies and the best service implementation practices of the global operator.


single service provider

Our service portfolio offers all the necessary business services − telephony, access networks, security, contact center, collaboration tools, and more. As your business grows, it is a simple matter to connect new services when you work with us.


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