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Enhance collaboration and reduce costs

Communication and collaboration are vital to driving your business forward. Our audio, web and video conferencing solutions let your teams work more closely while helping reduce costs. A double win for you and your business.

A key challenge faced by employees of global businesses is to collaborate with colleagues, partners and suppliers effectively. Frequently, these people are not in the same location and need tools to help them work together even while they are apart.

Today's conferencing tools are helping support this collaboration. Workers, partners, suppliers and customers can now interact in multiple ways, using the latest online communications tools. Embracing this change is fundamental to driving your company forward.


local access, global reach


Our conferencing tools help teams stay in touch. Whether using Telepresence rooms for virtual face-to-face meetings or click-to-call conferencing from a mobile device, users are able to collaborate effectively.

We offer comprehensive videoconferencing solutions that incorporate network, video infrastructure, end points and services. From Telepresence to desktop videoconferencing, our team will support you from initial design and implementation to end-user support, reporting and service management. This includes providing an online web portal and concierge service that help employees use video successfully.

Audio conferencing is offered through the cloud, so you can purchase it as you need it. And finally, our range of web conferencing offerings is tailored to give you the most cost-effective solution from a choice of hosted, shared and cloud-based packages.


improved quality, reduced expenses              


We provide best-in-class audio, video and web conferencing services to help you collaborate more efficiently and affordably.

  • reduced costs for audio and web conferencing through no set-up fee, fast implementation and deployment
  • wide range of video solutions, from Telepresence to desktop and mobile
  • end-to-end support for videoconferencing from design and implementation to service management
  • simple-to-use interfaces so teams can begin collaborating and conferencing quickly and easily
  • anywhere access with local and toll-free numbers or simple URL links, anywhere in the world
  • high-quality audio conferences in the cloud for the quality and reliability that end users require
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