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Drive customer loyalty with innovation

In the increasingly competitive financial services market, it is vital to offer innovative products to gain new customers and boost loyalty. We can help you differentiate yourself and drive operational efficiencies with our wide range of technology and services.

The banking and insurance sector is going through a period of transformation, driven by global economic changes, evolving consumer habits, stringent industry regulation and increasing service-delivery costs. Mobile devices have become key channels for accessing financial information, and consumers are increasingly using social media to find out about banking and insurance services.

You need to develop innovative multichannel services to attract these increasingly demanding consumers. So you need the right IT and communications systems in place. They can also keep you competitive by reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency, while helping you comply with industry regulation.

technology powering transformation

To support you in growing your business, we have developed a powerful suite of financial technology solutions. With over 25 years' experience working with banking and insurance companies, we know what systems and services you need to optimize your delivery channels. And our security solutions ensure the protection of all critical and confidential data.

We specialize in helping financial services companies build multichannel operations to provide more effective services. We can help you transform your customer service and contact centers using the Web and mobile portals. You can even use video to give premium customers unprecedented levels of interaction with agents.

In addition, we can help you optimize your own working practices through our private cloud offerings, which are backed by a solid, centralized governance model. For example, integrate new devices like smartphones and tablet computers into your own business processes to reap the benefits they offer.

financial IT solutions

Whatever banking or insurance services you offer, our tailored products and services can help you transform the way you deliver them to customers. Our portfolio is underpinned by professional services, and our global reach supports your operations as you grow.

  • ability to develop new channels to enhance interactions with customers
  • collaboration tools to improve cross-selling opportunities
  • advanced contact center solutions that shorten sales cycles and speed up customer service
  • reduced costs through centralized governance and streamlined work processes
  • greater efficiency using cloud computing solutions and virtual contact centers
  • enhanced desktop environment integrates with legacy systems and delivers reduced TCO
  • private application store lets you engage with customers on their terms, wherever they are
  • end-to-end security ensures integrity of network, cloud, IT assets and company and customer data
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