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Contact Center Outsourcing

Efficient servicing of your customers

Orange Business Services

The Outsourcing Contact Center is a ready-to-use solution that allows you to arrange efficient servicing of your customers without additional investment in equipment, infrastructure, and staff.

The main difference between the Contact Center and the Call Center lies in the fact that a call center is used to service only a large number of calls while a contact center allows processing of web requests, e-mails, and other customer communication channels.


What can be outsourced?

Incoming calls: Virtual office, hot line, reference and information systems, reception service, booking and ordering service (including integration with existing CRM, processing and other customer information systems), booking systems etc.

Outgoing calls: Database updates, informational phoning, active phone sales, and phone surveys.

Other services: IVR, power dialing, call redirections, leasing work stations, lead generation.



We offer 3 outsourcing models:


full outsourcing with our operators at our Contact Center

With this model, you transfer all your business processes to our Contact Center. You provide our operators with your databases and other necessary information. In collaboration with you, we outline working scenarios for our Contact Center operators. These scenarios are used as the basis for efficient operations and define not only the operator's activities but also Contact Center events and its software operational algorithms. As a result, provider’s staff performs all the necessary actions to service calls from your customers, that is, answers calls and e-mails, makes outgoing customer dialing etc.


partial outsourcing model with your operators at our Contact Center

With this model, you transfer to us just a part of your business processes and partial responsibilities for your customer relations. Operators are on your payroll but work in our premises with our infrastructure. In addition, we develop a special application for operators according to your scenarios. Such outsourced Contact Center services are charged through the leasing of work stations (with fixed monthly payments).

The partial outsourcing model also includes the so-called co-sourcing. In this case, the most complicated requests are redirected to your qualified specialists and standard, common ones are processed by our staff.


managed outsourcing model with your operators using our infrastructure

Managed Contact Center outsourcing is a solution when you preserve full control over your business processes at the contact center: Subscriber/user calls are processed by your operators in your premises using your computers and software. We provide infrastructure for efficient work of the operators according to your scenarios. Infrastructure is understood to be remote access to the Contact Center platform, applications installed at work stations of the operators, and Avaya IP phone.



cost effectiveness

You may set up your own Contact Center without investing in equipment and infrastructure, additional recruitment, organizational and time expenditure.



No need for additional recruitment in different Russian regions as all calls are directed to one office/branch.


customer appeal

You can connect different virtual numbers with us including federal 8-800 numbers, international access numbers, and numbers with codes of your priority cities depending on your customers' preferences.



comprehensive range of services

We provide a comprehensive range of contact center services from access numbers to full processing arrangements of your customers' calls. We also offer services in building corporate networks and telephony.


own Contact Centers

We have our own regionally distributed Contact Centers in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and Novosibirsk with 300 operator work stations. Our operators are available 24/7 and use best-in-class Avaya equipment.




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