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Cloud explained to

Globally managed infrastructure on demand
Free up your IT staff from the burden of supporting IT infrastructure with our global cloud computing services. It allows you to align costs with actual business requirements and absorb fluctuations in demand.

Managing IT infrastructure is a costly and time-consuming activity; particularly if you are a global business. You need to balance budget constraints with security and compliance, deploy projects quickly to maintain business agility, integrate new acquisitions into the company and support your business’ international growth.

Cloud computing can help you achieve this balance, by freeing up resources that you spend on maintaining IT infrastructure. This allows you to focus on the strategic and value-added activities that can meet your business’ needs.


mastering IT budgets


With pay-as-you-use pricing on infrastructure, you can control budgets much more effectively. You can absorb business activity fluctuations that change computing power or storage requirements completely transparently to end users.

Application management is also made easier, because all applications are deployed centrally in the cloud. This also means that new features and security updates are automatically provided to all users. In addition, with cloud computing you can quickly deploy enterprise-class IT services to new locations or ventures.

keep your users under control


The explosion in consumer smart devices and apps has set the expectations of your employees high. But it also puts your business at risk: if they don’t have access to the services they want to use, they might simply source them elsewhere, and even move sensitive data into the public cloud. We can help you provide your users with the tools you want them to use, on devices you can manage, via a private application store and workspace tailored to your needs.

benefits of cloud computing to the CIO


  • frees IT department to work on strategic projects
  • supports greater scalability and business agility
  • aligns IT costs with end users’ needs and usage
  • allows you to quickly start-up new ventures and locations
  • provides global security policy for all users
  • speeds up time to market for new products and services
  • ensures immediate software updates
  • provides better service to users
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