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Business VPN

Virtual Private Network

Orange Business Services

flexible solution for the whole world

Our VPN service is a flexible solution designed to support business applications and services, IP-telephony, videoconferencing, and cloud-based services. We own the largest MPLS network in the world, which means you can use our services in more than 180 countries. We offer tailored solutions for the integration of data centers. Wherever you are, our solution will allow you to use high-quality services, while adhering to your budget.


turn-key service

We can carry out the design and implementation of your virtual private network.


round the clock technical support

Customers will sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with us, which regulates the availability of services and troubleshooting. Our support staff members are certified under the ITIL® standard, they are ready to help you around the clock seven days a week. Our engineers carry out proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.  



The security of your data is guaranteed by our network architecture and MPLS technology that is used to isolate your traffic from the traffic of our other customers.



Connection can be established with the help of Ethernet (with 802.1q VLAN or without subinterfaces) or G.703 interfaces.

Network-layer protocol (OSI model) – IP – is used for data transmission. Static routing, as well as BGP or OSPF protocol can be used to route data within the customer's VPN.



Focus on the main business

Defer to us, and you will no longer be distracted by technical issues – we will manage your network, and our professionals will maintain it.


operating costs reduction

Our solution assumes that data, voice and video traffic can be sent through the IP-MPLS. By transmitting voice and data over a single network and by relying on a single service provider, you will be able to reduce your operating costs. The VPN's built-in security system eliminates the need to deploy additional systems.


increased efficiency

We will allocate bandwidth according to your business priorities and policies for data transmission, thus helping you improve the efficiency of your remote divisions.



global availability

Our network coverage reaches 220 countries and territories, allowing us to integrate all of your offices within a single network. Your business applications will work regardless of your business geography.


proactive monitoring and round the clock support

We carry out round the clock monitoring of the network and troubleshoot even before you notice any problems. At the same time, our online support is available and ready to help 24/7.


quality guarantee

We provide our customers with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which guarantees a high quality of communication and support.



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