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Fixed telephony

Orange Business Services

We offer services of the local, interzone, long distance and international telephony to create a corporate telephone network. You may purchase separate telephone numbers (serial/multichannel) and blocks of numbering capacity in 44 cities of Russia. Besides that, we provide long distance and international communications for the clients of the other operators in the operator preselection mode (preselect) or operator selection with every call (hot choice).


With our service we provide:

  • access to the local telephone communications of Orange Business Services
  • optional access to the services of the interzone and/or long distance and international communications Orange Business Services
  • delivering of a subscriber line (with previous estimations of the technical feasibility)
  • subscriber number (or pool of numbers) in the local telephone network
  • providing serial/multichannel numbers
  • access to the information inquiry support system and optional free around the clock emergency call



We have our own backbone DWDM network 5,000 km long. That helps us to fix attractive charges without compromising the quality of the communication.




wide geography

With the extensive network of the regional technical centers and representative offices of Orange Business Services, you may use voice communications services in all the cities with more than 1 million people and in the majority of the Russian regions.


advantages of the operator-integrator

Being a global operator-integrator, we are in position to offer unique integration solutions for complex telecommunication challenges and holistic business interrelations. We are a part of the international Orange Group and use technologies and the best service implementation practices of the global operator in the fixed and mobile communication markets.


single service provider

Our service portfolio offers all the necessary business services − telephony, access networks, security, contact center, collaboration tools and more. Contacting us you may easily connect new services as your business grows.



telephony quality

We have our own backbone DWDM network 5,000 km long ensuring the communications quality. We also have connection points to the other operators providing connectivity of the networks.



Our infrastructure helps us to fix attractive charges without compromising the quality of the communication.



Orange online support operates 24/7 with always available technical specialists who are ready to help.


use the whole range of the telephony services

We are the only international company with the full set of licenses for telephony services including long distance and international communications within the whole territory of the Russian Federation and interzone communication in 13 largest regions.



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