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AR 2015

For Orange Business Services customers and partners in Russia – lucky owners of Orange calendAR 2015




It seems like an ordinary calendar. But suddenly it comes alive and allows you to go beyond borders. Calendar illustrations are AR tags (AR – augmented reality). Scan illustrations using app and experience  something amazing and fresh.

Have you ever touched an owl? Have you thrown snowballs right in the office? Have you seen a smile without a cat? It’s a high time!

how it works

  • download and start the app on your mobile device. Make sure the camera is on.
  • take the calendar and pull out the sheet
  • point the camera at the calendar. Make sure the whole sheet is captured. If the image is not clear, double tap to make it focused. To get the full experience we recommend putting your mobile device into "sound on" mode.
  • follow the instructions in the calendar and on-screen prompts and enjoy augmented reality!


open in full screen


open in full screen


download the calendar

This app is enabled for mobile devices with standard operating systems: IOS 7.1 and higher, Android 4.2 and higher. In case of any questions regarding «Orange AR 2015» app do not hesitate to contact us. 

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