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Global MPLS network supports future growth



  • one of the world’s largest
    shipping container companies
    with over 100 vessels and 4,000 employees, carrying more than 350,000 containers yearly and serving ports of call in over 120 countries
  • consolidated and optimized network to reduce overall cost via single global provider
  • risk mitigation and readiness for future business requirements
  • strong reputation for reliability, expertise and flexibility
  • optimized routing with SLAs and tailored for mission-critical sites
  • access optimization and migration with guaranteed network service continuity
  • improved RTD and site availability


We were looking for a reliable, transparent business communications partner, not simply a network services provider. Orange Business Services responded to this need. Its strategy and portfolio allow us to move forward with our business while being assured we will have a partner all along the road that is capable of adapting to our needs.
Dudi Avni, CIO, ZIM Integrated Shipping, Services, Ltd

issues and challenges


ZIM is one of the world’s largest shipping container companies with operations throughout the world and serving ports of call in over 120 countries worldwide. With 4,000 employees and over 250 agencies worldwide, its fleet is over 100 vessels strong and carries more than 350,000 containers each year. Over many years, ZIM has handled standard and special cargoes: from over-sized, perishable goods, hazardous material and elephants to ice cream as well as whole industrial plants to medicines.

The communications network plays a vital role in supporting the ZIM operations, and the company was looking to move away from having numerous arrangements with a mix of providers to a single relationship with one provider. The criteria for this provider covered immediate requirements in terms of ensuring that the network was fit for purpose and also being ready to take on board future requirements of the business.


  • Network
network with improved site availability
lower costs
and reduced risks
that fully supports the business
for future developments
service from single provider
the objective

increase network efficiency and capability while reducing operating costs

the Orange Business Services solution


  • Orange global MPLS network
  • implementation of mission-critical sites with optimized routing and SLAs adapted by site
  • access optimization and migration
  • non-standard solutions, including VMS
  • guaranteed continuation of service



the benefits


The Orange global MPLS network has delivered significant benefits to ZIM and is supporting its business worldwide.

optimized network

  • full support for mission-critical sites
  • improved round-trip delay and site availability


network readiness

  • simple upgrade path
  • back-up solutions
  • unified communications and cloud services

lower costs

  • increased service value
  • reduced management time through one global provider


reduced risk

  • high resiliency for risk mitigation
  • network capability to fully support the business



An Orange global MPLS network delivered increased network efficiency and capabilities as well as reduced costs and risks. This case study about ZIM, one of the world's largest shipping container companies, gives all the details.
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