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Workspaces explained to

Sales and Marketing Manager
Improve the sales process from beginning to end
Simplify the purchasing experience for your customers and deliver all the information you need (customer details, product availability, delivery details) to improve your chances of closing the deal quickly.

Your customers are used to easy access to information, comparing services, online ordering and speedy delivery. They expect the same from your business.

A mobile phone or a tablet with a business application enables your business to demonstrate your products, compare features and availability, show prices, dispatch an order and send a confirmation ... reducing the time between the first contact and the conclusion of the sale.

improve the experience for your teams and your customers

  • terminals and accessories: you want to show off your products to their best and conduct sleek demonstrations that include high-quality visuals and video tutorials from any device. The digital workspace offers a more engaging and interactive customer experience, and faster, more relevant and more convincing answers to customer questions 
  • connectivity: if your teams are connected to your corporate databases and systems at all times, they can get on with their jobs smoothly. Our mobile Wi-Fi, 4G and H+ connectivity enables multiple devices to have global wireless coverage and includes secure remote access to your enterprise applications
  • collaborative solutions: business never sleeps, so you need to share real-time information between sales and marketing and support customers across countries and time zones. Solutions such as videoconferencing, unified communications, and audio and web conferencing between tablets and computers mean your teams can share remotely and interactively


We will support you right from the start and tailor your digital workspace to your industry and sales process to ensure the most effective productivity gains and achievable solutions that play to your strengths. Contact us to find out more.

Business Together Microsoft
Business Together Microsoft
Universal communications and collaboration built on Microsoft Skype for Business
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