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Operations Manager
Keeping your teams ready for action
A technician, a nurse, a maintenance engineer ... all need to divide their time between field activities and reporting back to the office. Connecting them with a tailored mobile application allows them to do both at the same time.

Your field forces are only effective if they have all the business information they need at the right time, including records, field visit reports, agendas, customer notes, invoice details and more.  

This information can now be shared electronically within most companies, and digital workspaces are set up to allow your teams to not only view information but also perform tasks remotely. In addition to immediate productivity gains, automated activities such as reading meters, authorizing forms and sending reports reduce margins of error and the risk of data loss.

Enabling anytime access to technical information about a facility or customer contract or coordinating activities with the rest of the team mean your people become more efficient, effective and achieve better customer satisfaction.

design considerations for your digital workspace

  • suitable equipment: depending on the nature of your business, your teams need a device with a screen that can accommodate all sorts of field activities. From viewing plans or signing documents electronically, to videoconferencing, RFID tag reading, and a whole lot more, we can help you choose the right equipment with the longest possible shelf life
  • custom business applications: it is crucial to provide your teams with easy-to-use applications that are suitable for the tasks that the technicians perform. Our mobile cloud solutions include, for example, the ability to: enhance reporting content (photos, video) taken in the field, monitor time or distance between appointments, geotagging for lone workers, video over 4G and more
  • collaborative solutions: managing a remote team can be complex. Daily tasks include coordinating technicians, managing their schedules, reducing travel, dividing expertise, all while maintaining regular contact without overburdening everyone with meetings or paperwork. This is where our solutions such as videoconferencing, unified communications, and audio and web conferencing between tablets and computers come into their own
  • network access continuity: if your teams are connected to your corporate databases and systems at all times, they can get on with the job smoothly. Our mobile Wi-Fi, 4G and H+ connectivity enables multiple devices to have global wireless coverage and includes secure remote access to your enterprise applications


By supporting your digital transformation from start to end, we help you define your needs, identify sources of productivity and calculate a rapid return on your investments. Contact us to see how our solutions can improve the efficiency of your staff and deliver a better experience for staff, for customers, for everybody.

Are You Ready to Embrace The New Workspace?
Are You Ready to Embrace The New Workspace?
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