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Transform your workspace with minimum IT effort
It’s not just your end users that are pushing to use their own devices in your organization. Business managers see an urgent need to transform business processes and equip their teams with all the tools they need.

The emergence of mobile and broadband technologies has changed the relationship between staff and IT.

Employees are full of expectations when it comes to how they want to work and what technology to use. They are well informed, demanding and well equipped, and are no longer impressed with standard IT services.  

Business managers (sales, operations, marketing, etc.) have also become more demanding in terms of expectations of what IT can provide. They require equipment and applications that are there when they need them. They want the IT department to serve their daily tasks and their business, and make everything smooth and hassle free. Increasingly, business projects are adopting a "mobile first" and sometimes "cloud first" approach to how services should be delivered.

CIOs have a responsibility to the consistency and security of information systems, but in addition, they need to maintain or regain the initiative on projects aimed at delivering the digital workspace in partnership with business.

we support you throughout the lifecycle to help you transform the workspace

  • management of IT and mobile security: dedicated solutions such as device management to secure your personal and professional environments, along with security solutions to help you defend against malware and attacks
  • secure access to data and applications: we build, own and operate our infrastructure and network to ensure you have worldwide connectivity to the applications that make up your work environment, including mobile 4G/H+ and Wi-Fi connectivity, secure remote access to enterprise applications and cloud solutions to save, sync and share data
  • project and change management: implementing the digital workspace requires a project approach involving business, IT and end-user management. We can help you audit user requirements, identify development opportunities, establish a pilot, and design, develop and deploy your solutions on a global scale as well as provide ongoing monitoring and cost control


Today’s digital workspaces generate value for your business through team effectiveness, simplifying processes and reducing costs. Contact us to find out more.

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