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With burgeoning economies, Latin America is a land of opportunity

Latin America is a dynamic region, enjoying extensive natural resources and stable economies. With local experts on the ground, we offer unrivaled local knowledge and widespread access to the world's largest seamless voice and data network via 122 points of presence in 31 Latin American countries.

Local and multinational companies (MNCs) are looking to Latin America for business opportunities. Natural resources, like precious metal, copper, tin and oil, plus traditional industries, such as coffee, rubber and sugar, have helped cement the region’s growth. They are joined by other burgeoning sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, transport and retail.

Technology is helping drive this business activity by empowering companies to work locally and grow globally. Network infrastructure keeps remotely located sites in mining and agriculture connected to the world, while IT solutions help service industries satisfy consumers in Latin America where mobile penetration now exceeds 100 percent.

global network, local expertise

Our experience in Latin America can play a key role in your success. We deliver the latest network technologies across the region, including IPV6, integrated IT solutions, fast connectivity and support in local languages. With our experts on the ground, we also offer unrivaled local knowledge to help you meet your operational business challenges.

Whether you want to grow your business from Latin America through our global network or need a global partner with an extensive local footprint to help you expand into the region, we can help.

  • more than 50 years of experience in Latin America
  • strong understanding of the local market to help you navigate hot issues, such as regulation, compliance, security and government
  • 122 points of presence in 31+ countries, including the recent doubling of IP network capacity
  • IPv6 support in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico
  • over 600 employees in 12 countries
  • 250 customer service and operations professionals at our Major Service Center in Rio de Janeiro
  • Business VPN in 31 countries, xDSL in 14 countries, International Ethernet Link in 4 countries
  • operations and support personnel in 40 countries
  • Riverbed, Cisco, Avaya, Blue Coat, Microsoft, PMP and ITIL certifications
  • ten-fold Latin American network capacity expansion to meet customer demand
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