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Weinmann Medical Technology
Orange M2M solution opens up new homecare sleep therapy market



  • Weinmann is a leading provider of medical devices for home care and emergency medicine
  • a new law in France required sleep apnea patients to use their medical devices or lose them
  • Weinmann needed a single M2M innovator to exploit this new market opportunity
  • an end-to-end M2M solution using the Orange Intelligent Apps Enabler was developed to give homecare providers access to usage data via a Web portal
  • this proven, reliable, innovative M2M solution was delivered in just under nine months
  • the enhanced device capability meets compliance regulations and opened a new market
“Orange has delivered an M2M solution in just under nine months. Their experience and expertise and the Orange Intelligent Apps Enabler made the whole development process quick and efficient. We are now looking forward to working with Orange to take this sleep device solution into all the 55 countries that we operate in.”
Frank Gitt, Product Manager Systems & Processes Business Unit Home Care, Weinmann

issues and challenges


Weinmann is based in Hamburg, Germany, has over 500 staff and operates in 55 countries worldwide. It is a leading provider of medical devices for home care and it develops, produces and markets diagnostic and therapeutic systems, ventilation masks and sleep therapy devices.

In 2012, the French government identified that it was paying money for care of patients, many of whom were not using the provided equipment properly. So they instituted a new law, which stated that if a patient did not use the equipment properly, then it would be removed and, by doing so, the government estimated it would save €25M per year. The patient devices had to meet strict regulations, so Weinmann decided to develop an innovative solution and take advantage of this new market opportunity.

A number of attempts were unsuccessful, however, due to the company’s lack of expertise in M2M, so Weinmann decided to outsource the entire development and management process.


  • Internet of Things
delivered in just under nine months
new regulations
market opportunities
for global sales
the objective

source a specialist M2M organization to enable the development of the new product and take it to market in France and then worldwide

the Orange Business Services solution


  • end-to-end M2M solution using the Orange Intelligent Apps Enabler
  • sleep therapy device equipped with a modem in the patient’s home
  • access to data in the Orange cloud for homecare providers via a Web portal with dashboard identifying level of patient compliance
  • consultancy, project and partner management



the benefits


The Orange Intelligent Apps Enabler has delivered an innovative solution that will accelerate growth in the homecare-provider market by complying with the new law in France.

innovative solution

  • compliance with legal requirements: the device transmits data daily even if it’s switched off and without interaction by the patient; data is hosted by an ASIP-certified provider
  • ability to deliver full patient service and drive market revenue


lower costs

  • simplified management
  • end-to-end solution by a single expert supplier


enhanced service

  • homecare provider access to patient data via a Web portal
  • dashboard to identify device usage by patient
  • proof of patient compliance to release government payment


Our Intelligent Apps Enabler has given Weinmann, a leading provider of medical devices for home care, the opportunity to accelerate growth in its markets. This M2M solution is innovative, yet proven and reliable, and can now be expanded to all of the 55 countries in which Weinmann operates.
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