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We listen, we act

We don’t just focus on what we deliver, but how we deliver, to make life easier for our customers. As an Orange customer, you’ll be able to take part in our forums and satisfaction surveys – just ask your account manager or customer service manager for more details.



We care


Discover our customer-centered services lifecycle and how our people’s unified goal of "customer first" sets Orange apart from the competition.


we care


"One of our most essential ambitions is to help make your business life easier."



Our added value


Security through personal trust, not just SLAs

Our experts are allowed to exercise their discretion in situations and develop long-lasting relationships built on trust and personal accountability. We are less hierarchical, which means we can solve problems faster, and we have an unrivaled record in areas such as crisis management. With expertise in vendor management, we can also look after other third parties.


Reduced risk from local knowledge

We manage our global teams in a way that minimizes any potential conflict within our organization or yours that might stem from local vs global governance and control. We can also use our experience to help lower the risks and barriers to entry into emerging markets and territories with limited infrastructure.


Dedicated teams you can have confidence in

We allocate fewer accounts to each of our executives so they are empowered to work with you closely to solve any issues and proactively work on your future needs. They’ll build up a good knowledge of your business priorities and communicate regularly, delivering against all promises.


Business issues first, technology solutions second

One of our most essential ambitions is to help make your business life easier. This commitment involves delivering technology without complexity, so our experts take an end-to-end view of your solutions, whether packaged, tailored, integrated, managed or in the cloud – and translate them into business opportunities.

customer advisory board

Customer advisory board:

your opinions count

It’s important to engage you at every stage of our processes to ensure we are meeting your communications needs and helping you reach your business objectives. We gather feedback during customer advisory board, network advisory councils, product user groups and country user groups.

Because your feedback is critical to enable us to improve our service in the areas that matter most to you, you can also take part in our customer satisfaction surveys, which are conducted as part of our outstanding customer experience program.

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