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VINCI Autoroutes

VINCI Autoroutes
VINCI Autoroutes
Creating a connected rest area

Issues and challenges


  • Improving the current level of service at rest areas, increasing operational efficiency and designing new services for customers
  • Testing the use at a frequently used rest area (Boutroux) before deploying the concept more widely


"All of the feedback and indicators serve a single purpose: our customers' satisfaction. Orange Business Services support made this possible, both in terms of the connected objects and the data processing."
Christophe Couturier, Head of the St-Arnoult District, VINCI Autoroutes


The Orange Business Services Solution


The Datavenue solution is based on the Live Objects platform associated with LoRa network connectivity. Several types of sensors were installed to measure the road temperature, available parking spaces, bathroom consumables, the amount of trash in bins, unusual consumption of water and energy, etc. The "Smiley box" collects customer satisfaction feedback, and the security post has an interface for viewing the data.




  • Real-time data and indicator collection
  • Secure equipment
  • Optimized consumables and onsite interventions
  • Increased responsiveness in the event of a problem
  • Customer satisfaction


  • IoT and data analytics
Greater visibility
of the condition of facilities
More responsive
customer satisfaction feedback

About the customer

  • 4,400 kilometers of highways
  • 50% of the French highway network
  • 268 rest areas like Boutroux


For more information about VINCI Autoroutes, visit their website.

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