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How does Orange Business Services assist companies internationally?

October 28, 2013
As seen on BFM Business TV. An interview with Anne-Marie Thiollet, Director of sales & marketing at Orange Business Services
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As seen on BFM Business TV.
An interview with Anne-Marie Thiollet, Director of sales & marketing at Orange Business Services

“The success of enterprises with business overseas depends, among other factors, on the quality of their network and information systems.  Discover how Orange Business Services helps enterprises with their international development.

From innovation to application with Orange Business Services

Luxury goods, distribution, energy, transport. Almost 80% of medium-sized French companies have business abroad.
Their success depends on the performance of their network and information systems. Orange Business Services  can offer these solutions.

Anne-Marie Thiollet, hello.


What are companies’ expectations when going international

Anne-Marie Thiollet, Sales and Marketing Director, Orange Business Services

Companies want to be operational from day one in a new country.

They also want to be able to react very quickly according to the local market.

To accommodate this, we offer worldwide network services that are upgradeable, reliable and secure.

What are the advantages of Orange Business Services?

We can provide communication services all over the world,

thanks to our presence in over 160 countries and our 60 years of international experience.

Also, we provide the same services internationally as we do in France thanks to our local support.

For example?

We have both technical and commercial teams on site, and customer services available 24/7.

Thank you Anne-Marie Thiollet. For more information, go to the website Goodbye.

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