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Transform your data into business insights

Businesses and communities now have access to an enormous and growing amount of data. Once treated and transformed into useful information, it can serve as a powerful tool for increasing differentiation, boosting performance and creating value. Unused data has no value.
As a result, we use our unique expertise to treat and maximize the value of your data at every step, right up to the launch of your business intelligence system.

As a data operator, Orange Business Services is widely recognized for its expertise in transforming your critical data into useful information and business insights.

As more consumers move online and increasing numbers of connected objects emerge, your business needs solutions for collecting, treating and analyzing key data. Orange Applications for Business offers different methods and solutions to boost your performance:

  • big data: treating massive amounts of data
  • fast data: treating data in real time
  • business intelligence: collecting and integrating large amounts of data into your business intelligence system to improve decision-making, while also building business dashboards to manage your activity

revised 1 Oct 2014

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