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What's "new" about the cloud?

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In my blog, I explore how the cloud is being used in all businesses from small office home office (SoHo) and small and medium businesses (SMB), to multinational corporations (MNC). I examine the successful tactics to move into the cloud, its benefits and the return on investment that is achievable. I also offer insight into what makes a successful cloud player and the impact of different business models.

As cloud computing VP, my mission is to define and maintain the strategic vision of Orange Business Services. I arbitrate key technological decisions, select partners and ensure a consistent product roadmap.

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Axel Haentjens

Axel Haentjens                 

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the cloud: from artisanal to industrial (part 1)


The technology used for cloud computing was mostly developed in the 1990s and therefore had already been industrialized for many years:

  • virtualization of computer servers
  • e-commerce
  • immediate access to services
  • billing based on usage and number of users
  • capacity to scale up and down rapidly


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the cloud: from artisanal to industrial (part 2)


This post is a follow-up to my first article about the development of cloud computing from 1990 to today. As it reaches adulthood, the cloud model is beginning to seriously impact the strategies of IT and telecom companies.

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back from VMWorld


VMworld took place last week in San Francisco. Twenty thousand participants from five continents met over four days in the Moscone Center. The gigantic convention center housed hundreds of exhibitors, from major industry players to Silicon Valley start-ups.

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10 experts du cloud computing exposent leurs visions :

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Orange brings performance to the cloud



Today, Cloud Computing has brought a true revolution to the enterprise. But without a reliable and secure network, there is no cloud computing. Discover how Orange brings performance to the cloud thanks to its fast, secure, private network that extends to 220 countries and territories.

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not a cloud in the sky



While the beautiful Roman sky might not have a single cloud in sight, here at #OBL12 there's lots of talk about clouds. Like it or not cloud computing is coming and it's really up to you to decide if this means an unwelcome storm or a great way of doing business.

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Flexible Computing Premium

Flexible and secure infrastructure as a service with a comprehensive catalog of IT components and service management levels.


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