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Security explained to

Flexible security that grows with you
Our flexible solutions help ensure enterprise security in the face of ever-changing user habits and threats to your network. We provide a choice of service delivery to suit your infrastructure demands, including on-premise, cloud and managed service.

Are you faced with potential security risks driven by changing technologies and employee habits? Does you find the emergence of cloud computing, bring your own device (BYOD) and other mobile ways of working are causing you security headaches? And, do you find that it’s becoming increasingly challenging to meet compliance demands while working within a finite budget?

Our security solutions are designed to help you address concerns such as these without any compromise to network security and daily operations. We work with you to overcome traditional security challenges as well as new ones posed by mobile workers and collaborative working. We help you meet employee and customer demand for information and access anywhere without compromising your network and data integrity.

service delivery

We offer multiple service delivery approaches to address your specific infrastructure and application requirements, including integrated solutions, managed service or a cloud-based system. In the new mobility era, we help you empower your workforce, deliver collaboration tools, provide anywhere access to corporate applications and build a trusted network infrastructure.

benefits for the CIO

  • on-demand security via the cloud, which scales with your needs and reduces costs
  • expert consultancy to analyze and design the right security suite for you
  • managed services that let you store data securely
  • integrated approach to customize your security and guide you through the implementation process
  • industry experience and expertise that helps ensure regulatory compliance


The Missing Link: The Information Security Officer
The Missing Link: The Information Security Officer
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