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Security explained to

Ensure security, protect your brand
Working with Orange means engaging with a trusted partner who understands your security concerns and challenges. We help you drive progress through changing working methods with no compromise to network or data security.

Do you need to be sure your organization has a solid reputation for having the highest levels of network and information security? Are you looking for new ways to engage with customers and partners, while not compromising on the protection of sensitive data? Do you need to make sure that your processes and policies remain compliant with always-changing industry regulations?

Our security solutions draw on our global experience to give you peace of mind. We embrace the latest technologies to ensure that your network remains secure and is able to comfortably support new technology trends like enterprise mobility.

the right partner

As a strategic partner, we ensure that all your global security needs are met and provide audit consultancy to help you remain compliant. We can help you mitigate risk, meet regulations and ensure your company's reputation.

benefits for the CEO

  • global outlook lets you manage security consistently
  • brand protection through working with a trusted, global partner
  • ongoing relationship with a provider who understands your needs
  • compliance assistance through advisory services and regular audits
  • support in local languages wherever you need it


Security and Cloud Computing Over a Coffee
Security and Cloud Computing Over a Coffee
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