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Saretec uses digital technology to enhance its customer experience



Saretec is using digital technology to build close relationships with customers and save time for their claims experts. This enables their experts to strengthen their relationships with customers during onsite visits and throughout the claim follow-up.

"Orange Business Services has supported us throughout this transformation and the introduction of technological solutions behind this new digital relationship. We are very proud to innovate in order to bring our customers a unique and high-quality relationship."
Alain Guède, CIO, Saretec




Saretec chose Orange Business Services to support its digital customer relationships with:

  • A multi-channel call center so customers can choose the contact channel that best suits them
  • A Business VPN network to share applications and ensure that new communications services can be integrated at any time
  • 500 tablets and 500 smartphones with 4G cards to provide mobility for experts in the field


More time for customers
Adopting and developing the use of digital applications makes claims experts' work in the field easier. With just a few clicks, they can access a customer file, take pictures and videos of the damage to assess, and fill out the claim form in real time at the customer's location. The time they save lets them provide better advice to customers, who in turn can work with the experts and become active players in the process. A relationship of trust is created.
Smooth mobility
The excellent performance of the Orange 4G network directly benefits employees in the field, who are constantly using their smartphones and tablets to receive assignments and customer contact information and for GPS navigation to optimize travel time.
Innovation to better serve customers
When damages occur, the new procedures are faster and easier. Customers can use the intuitive application to directly contact experts online and send videos of the damage in real time using their smartphone cameras, which speeds up the settlement of claims.



  • Customer experience
30 to 40%
of damage claims handled via tele-expertise
application for experts in the field
time savings
for experts to advise customers

About Saretec


  • Insurance expertise company
  • Over 1,000 employees
  • 90 offices across France
  • 200,000 damage claims handled per year


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