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Telecom Expense Management

Telecom lifecycle management providing visibility, control, cost reduction and automated ordering.

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improved cost transparency
With Telecom Expense Management, you can identify the principal cost drivers and determine saving opportunities in terms of telecommunications traffic as well as detect usage patterns. With this data, you are able to negotiate contracts and manage telecom usage more effectively.
faster ordering process
Automated systems optimize the ordering process for fixed and/or cell phone services, so the purchase-to-approval and receiving processes are shortened.

extensive expertise and international presence
Our consultants and administrators, located around the world, help you develop and implement your telecom policy, automate your ordering process and analyze traffic. This allows you to identify best practices to reduce your costs. Our broad international presence and experience in both the telecom industry and vendor management ensure a fast, reliable delivery process by hosting the software and providing you with a complete managed service.
reliable workflow
Using a reliable ordering workflow, you can standardize your telecom assets, rationalize any unused lines or features and allocate costs and assets to the appropriate business units.

what it does

need to keep track of telecom spending?
Telecom Expense Management sets up a dedicated reporting database for you and your employees using a web-based solution that generates spend reports. Our consultants can meet with you to review dashboard reports, study usage patterns, analyze telecom traffic and provide you with professional recommendations as to the best offers for each profile, new usage policies and compliance rules.

want to save time when ordering telecom services?
With our Telecom Expense Management service portal, end users can browse available telecom services online, select the service and place an order. Once the order is approved internally, it is placed directly to the vendor.

need to converge telecom data?
With our vendor-independent inventory service, purchasing managers can compile information from all telecom service providers, including vendors providing hardware, maintenance or professional services. The centralized inventory management system captures all new orders and moves, adds, changes, and disconnects made within your organization to keep your asset database accurate and allows you to allocate expenses to the appropriate cost centers or users.

is easy invoice reconciliation a priority?
Our portal automatically processes all available data, reconciling received invoices with call detail reports to identify incorrect rate plans, omitted discounts and refunds or duplicate payments and, if necessary, manage discrepencies with operators.

how it works


architecture overview
Our Telecom Expense Management tool is based on industry-standard relational database technology. An instance of the database is provisioned for each customer organization; this allows organizational data and workflows to be customized and ensures separation of data for security.
reporting and management
Telecom Expense Management includes dynamic usage reporting, inventory of services, invoice reconciliation and automated ordering. Our telecom consultants and administrators provide the following services to maximize control of expenses:

  • face-to-face meetings to review usage patterns and telecom traffic reports,
  • professional recommendations to further optimize costs and usage,
  • dispute management with the carriers on your organization's behalf.

Telecom Expense Management can be set up in as quickly as three to five months. The process is completely managed by an Orange project manager, who coordinates the integration between your organization's systems, your carriers and the solution.

your benefits

enforce policy, monitor usage and allocate expenses
The Telecom Expense Management reports are a user-friendly way for managers to track spending, enforce policies and identify abuse. The call-tagging feature lets end users see their monthly call record and mark each call as either business related or personal. As a result, expenses can be appropriately allocated and recharged to end users and cost centers as required.
optimize procurement
With automated procurement, orders are placed faster: users can browse the available hardware and services, make their selections and place an order. Central ordering allows you to set up and manage multiple equipment catalogs from a database of over 1,000 devices. Equipment is then activated and dispatched by the local carriers within agreed timescales.
align telecom services with business needs
Our telecom expert will monitor your spending, analyze voice and data usage and meet with your organization monthly to make sure the services you pay for are aligned with your business needs. In addition, with our Telecom Expense Management knowledge base, you can access rate plans so you can negotiate the best possible contracts.
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