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Service Select

Global service management aligned to the ITIL V2 modules, Service Delivery and Service Support, with three levels of service.

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flexible offer to meet your business needs
For each of the Service Select modules, Service Delivery and Service Support, you can choose from three levels of service to customize your service management based on your business objectives: Standard for reactive support; Extended for proactive support including a CSM (Customer Service Manager); or Customized for tailored services, including customer and third-party device management.
improved quality of service and efficiency
ITIL provides guidance on optimizing service management processes, relating services to business results and explaining which services should be integrated to achieve service excellence. By aligning Service Select and our operational teams with ITIL, confirmed by our ISO20K certifications, we can guarantee improved quality of service, improved processes in IT operations, more efficient IT management, and cost savings.

global reach around the clock
Our incident service desks provide 24x7 global helpdesk-to-helpdesk support wherever the location and whatever the time of day. In addition, we have 320 Customer Service Managers located all over the world, and our processes and tools are standardized globally.

time savings with our web portal
With our online customer portal, My Service Space, you save time by opening and tracking incidents on your own and quickly accessing key information and reports, permanently available online.
Useful documents: Service Select fact sheet

what it does

are you looking for a service management offer adapted to your business objectives that can evolve over time?
For maximum flexibility, Service Select offers three levels of service management to choose from.

  • Standard: offering basic off-the-shelf service management bundled with the product providing reactive support only, designed to work alongside your qualified internal resources.
  • Extended: ideal for businesses that need day-to-day, proactive support from our expert teams. It includes a set of defined deliverables, SLAs with penalties, a designated Customer Service Manager for service quality, and an expert service desk.
  • Customized: tailored services recommended for complex projects or environments that require constant, expert management. Solutions are defined on a case-by-case basis using a catalog of service management components in an ITIL framework, covering the company's infrastructure as well as Orange and third-party devices.

is alignment to ITIL best practices a priority?
Alignment to ITIL means we have a common language with you, which enables us to better identify your requirements and align with your business objectives, and define responsibilities.
do you need to control or reduce your TCO?
The Service Select Extended management level enables you to reduce the cost of IT staff resources by including the support of a Customer Service Manager (CSM). The Customer Service Manager has a strong technical background and provides you with an interface into our organization to raise general issues and discuss performance. The Customer Service Manager gives you a single point of contact to track and report on your services, assuring availability and quality of service.

how it works

architecture overview

 Service Select is structured according to the two ITIL Service Management modules:

  • Service Support covering the processes associated with day-to-day support and maintenance of IT services.
  • Service Delivery covering the processes for planning, assuring and improving the quality IT services.

The following diagram illustrates how Service Select is aligned to ITIL.
For each of these modules, Service Delivery and Service Support, three management levels are available (Standard, Extended or Customized). A number of service options are also available depending on the Orange solutions purchased by the customer.
Service Select applies to your operational service: sites/devices/users that have been implemented and fully handed over to our operational teams. Service Select is available for all international customers, excluding French customers based in France.

your benefits

100% visibility and control of your entire ICT infrastructure
With our Extended and Customized offers, you receive comprehensive monthly reporting on SLA compliance, incidents and changes, capacity management, Service Improvement Program actions and status. Our web portal holds performance and availability reports and enables you to track the progress of incident resolution. This is powerful information that will help you to run your business more smoothly.
up to 20% savings on your service management costs
Cost savings come from a reduction in OPEX required for service management and a reduction in business disruption.
up to 30% less business disruption
We can provide, on average:

  • 12% reduction in incidents (device to incident ratio).
  • 8% reduction in incident durations (mean time to repair).
  • 10% reduction in support overhead (device to technician ratio) Service quality and reduced business disruption are guaranteed by our vendor-certified experts, ITIL best practices and ISO certifications (ISO 20000, ISO27001, ISO9000). Our Extended and Customized offers provide proactive incident and problem management which results in speedier incident resolution and fewer outages.

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The service options available with Service Select include:
Proactive Access Optimization (PAO) provides bi-annual reporting on the Customer's international access profile, portfolio updates, carrier performance, and optimization recommendations. The PAO option is available for customers with either Extended or Customized Service Delivery, who have had a contract with us for at least one year, and who have at least 80 connections.
IP real-time monitoring & IP path availability options provide real-time reporting on router and path performance in the web portal for IP network services. They are available to customers with either Extended or Customized Service Delivery.
VPN Owner (VPN engineer) option provides a number of defined, packaged deliverables provided by a designated VPN Owner with Cisco expertise for IP services. This option is available to customers with Extended Service Support and Extended Service Delivery.
two specific offers for Customized Service Select

  • Customized Infrastructure Care (CIC) extends the scope of our service management offer to your own and third-party infrastucture, providing a simplified service management interface and cutting through the complexity of managing several different solutions and technologies and numerous supplier.
  • Service Vision is a Service Level Management offer that measures and reports on compliance against customer-selected, aggregate service levels and quality of service metric.
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