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Secure Gateway

Global managed security services dedicated to protecting your company network.

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end-to-end security
This total security solution protects your company networks and provides safe Internet access for your employees. It comprises four services – Managed Firewall, Managed Web Security, Active Prevention and Cache Management – and is provisioned, installed and fully managed by us.

easy change management
With Secure Gateway, your change requests are handled simply and securely through our highly-secure change management Web portal.

proactive problem resolution
Our operations centers monitor all Secure Gateway devices, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for system and application health.

global service commitments
Our service level objective commitments cover all areas and include availability and change management. Our industrialized management processes endorse industry standards (ITIL) and guarantee that quality procedures and controls are being applied consistently to all your gateways globally.

cost reduction and budget predictability
By outsourcing security elements to a managed security service provider with shared infrastructure and support centers, you avoid large capital outlays as well as the costs associated with employing your own skilled security specialists. The service has a simple, fixed pricing structure with no “hidden extras,” ensuring regular and predictable spending for easier and more accurate budget forecasting.

what it does

need to prevent unauthorized access to your intranet?
The Secure Gateway Managed Firewall service is designed to more readily detect and prevent unauthorized connections to your network. Managed Firewall uses best-of-breed technology with industry-certified processes and procedures and provides around-the-clock monitoring and management to help you respond rapidly to any detected, unauthorized connection.

want to protect against any web threats such as viruses, worms and Trojans?
The Secure Gateway Managed Web Security service provides all the security functions you need to secure your data flows (including anti-virus, anti-malware, URL filtering, Web reputation and content filtering). This helps you protect your incoming and outgoing Web connections and control employee access to the Internet.

need immediate intrusion detection and prevention?
The Secure Gateway Active Prevention service gives you a full overview of all threats targeting your IT network through five primary functions: traffic collection, traffic analysis, traffic blocking, alert storage and visualization. This gives you real-time security management capabilities, including system monitoring, security monitoring and emergency response (24x7 protection) as well as pro-active advice based on security intelligence.

does performance matter to you?
The Secure Gateway Cache Management service, with forward and reverse proxy modes, improves Web server performance, optimizes response times and reduces TCO for Web-enabled applications on your IP WAN. It also gives you the ability to authenticate users and control access to back-end servers and Internet resources.

how it works


Managed Firewall is based on either Check Point hardware appliances or our Juniper solution.

Managed Web Security is based on either Cisco hardware appliances or our Blue Coat solution.

Active Prevention is based on McAfee hardware appliances.

Secure Gateway services are available virtually anywhere in the world; however encryption software restrictions may apply in some countries.

your benefits

secure traffic to and from untrusted networks or within your intranet
Our state-of-the-art firewall provides dynamic and real-time packet verification with blocking and quarantine, if required.

maintain protection levels at all times
Secure Gateway is a fully-managed solution that includes 24x7 monitoring, maintenance and change and patch management for peace of mind without adding resources.

get service performance visibility
Detailed activity reports are available through our dedicated Web portal, providing complete visibility of performance and attacks.
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