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Improve the performance of your projects, programs and portfolios by implementing effective best practices, governance and control.

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flexible and scalable framework
PMO services are organized around a set of core features and additional optional features. The core service represents all activities and deliverables expected from a PMO, with the scope, quantity and format of each deliverable being tailored to meet your unique PMO requirements. There is no "one size fits all" model.
core service
The core service includes all essential features required to deliver a successful and effective PMO for your projects and programs. All these features are listed on the diagram above.
optional features
Additional optional features can be included to suit your unique business requirements. For example, extended requirements in terms of reporting, tracking or training can be easily accomodated as we build the structure best adapted to your needs.

what it does

need a support function for your project and program managers?
The PMO provides support in the following areas: control & governance, standards, communication & a number of other administrative tasks. One of the benefits of the PMO is providing a big picture view of the entire portfolio or program through reports and dashboards.
need central governance and control?
Governance is a decision-making framework focused on the overall portfolio and provides an effective platform for controlling and reporting the performance, ensuring appropriate quality standards are administered throughout the PMO lifecycle.
want best practices around PMO management?
The PMO integrates project & program management best practices and provides the necessary overlay to ensure a consistent approach to the portfolio, which enables consolidated tracking & reporting in the most timely and cost effective manner. Our award-winning methodologies for project & program management bring a consistent approach for delivery of the portfolio components controlled by the PMO.
looking to simplify and centralize your communications?
The PMO acts as the information hub for the projects or program. All information, communication and monitoring activities are coordinated centrally for more efficiency and control.

how it works

a designated expert on your side
In each region, a PMO Champion will work with you through the proposal and set up phases. They are experienced project managers and directors with strong experience setting up and managing project or program offices for our customers. They will work with the Account Team to develop the best proposal & design to address your unique business requirements.
PMO assessment & design
Before any service is set up, our first step is to assess your needs. The PMO Champion performs the assessment activities within the bid phase to analyze and fully understand your unique requirements.
PMO planning & set-up
Following contract award, our team will work with you to ensure the PMO is planned & set-up to operate in accordance with the agreed specifications and requirements. Typically a PMO workshop is organized to ensure all relevant and necessary inputs are discussed.
PMO run phase
All activities and deliverables required for the efficient operation of the PMO are executed as planned on a day-to-day basis.
PMO closure
Closure activities include ensuring all necessary documentation is made available and archived as agreed.

your benefits

optimize resources across a portfolio of projects
The PMO manages all resource requirements for the different projects they support, and identify redundancies, timelines enabling the same resource to be used within different projects, as well as the best timeframe for having resources coming in and out of projects.

measure the performance of your projects & programs
Your reports, templates and processes are standardized so that common processes can be used throughout your different projects. This consistency of methodology will enable you to accurately measure the success of your projects & programs portfolios. Whenever needed, we can integrate your own systems and processes.

reduce costs across multiple projects
All administrative and reporting tasks are handled by a single entity via centralized project controls, and not duplicated within each project, which is an effective way to reduce costs.

allow Project & Program Managers to focus on customer requirements
The PMO will reduce the administrative tasks of Project & Program Managers by providing the necessary support allowing them to focus on key priorities, such as customer interface.

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a complete suite of services
Our PMO Services complement our existing suite of services and benefit from the underlying best practices contained in our project management and program management methodologies.

PMO resources
Resources engaged in PMO activities for our customers are certified in the use of these methodologies and control processes. A comprehensive range of PMO roles are available, and each PMO would typically include a PMO Manager, a PMO Coordinator and a PMO Administrator. Additional roles can be included in the team as required, such as Technical Support or Architect, Planner, Reporting, Quality or Risks specialists.
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