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Operational Support Services

IT infrastructure support services

Orange Business Services


full suite of services
With Orange Business Services, you’ll have one single provider for all aspects of your operational support needs. That means consistent, worldwide support with reduced costs and better service.

We can provide:

  • consulting services
  • financial management
  • service asset and configuration management
  • availability management
  • change management
  • service level management
  • transition planning and support
  • service validation and testing
  • procurement
  • service desk
  • request fulfilment
  • event management
  • incident and problem management
  • service reporting

flexible solution
We use a consultative approach to gain an understanding of your business needs, so we can design an appropriate support model based on your demand and application of IT systems, as well as your different site requirements. We’ll provide low cost, core service combinations for stable, less-critical sites and applications, right up to a comprehensive supervised solution for key locations and functions.

building-block approach
Operational Support Services provides a flexible, modular collection of complementary services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Moving from an entry level “break-fix” offer towards a more comprehensive IT infrastructure support solution, you can increasingly out-task to Orange Business Services and focus on your core business activities and strategic plans.

proactive monitoring
Options such as preemptive alerts, health monitoring and diagnostics maximize your uptime, reducing the number, impact and time to resolution of incidents.

better support model, lower costs
The efficiencies gained will let you redeploy resources to more critical locations and benefit from a more advanced and effective support model and a lower total cost of ownership.

platform for the future
Moving to a preemptive, controlled central management structure with improved inventory visibility, better service performance and “actionable” management information makes it easier to plan for the future.

what it does

Operational Support Services provides an ITIL®-aligned service catalog, spanning the service lifecycle.

Operational Support Services Lifecycle


how it works


support that fits your needs
The modular structure of Operational Support Services allows you to sculpt a fit-for-purpose support solution that reflects the criticality of your IT infrastructure, from purely reactive maintenance towards an increasingly pre-emptive approach to IT support. It draws on the “actionable intelligence” we can provide regarding the inherent strength, weaknesses, risks and longevity of your network devices.

better use of resources
This structure improves availability while potentially reducing costs by negating expensive emergency fixes. It also enables more precise, targeted deployment of IT resources and expenditures.

a service that addresses many of your issues
Operational Support Services can be just what you need when you’re experiencing:

  • increasing network demand: more people and more devices, many of which are mobile
  • greater network crossover: collaboration requiring voice, video and data simultaneously
  • increasing complexity: a need for enhanced security, rapid provisioning and real-time services
  • a finite amount of IT resources

assistance when you need it
The experts manning our 24/7 help desk are available when you need them most for issues like remote incident detection, diagnoses, troubleshooting, resolution, and problem root cause analysis and remediation.

your benefits

a single global partner
Streamline management across multiple vendor technologies, contracts and renewals – we can take care of it all. We handle critical-device service-contract coverage and lifecycle status.

lower support costs
Reduce the demand on your internal resources with comprehensive management reporting.

centralized control
Measure performance across your global infrastructure with clear visibility of your inventory, its "health" and usage.

improved performance and risk management
Experience "intelligent" preemptive device management, which alerts you to potential weaknesses and threats and reduces your risk of downtime for a consistent service quality and support process. Automated diagnoses pinpoint problems and remediation and accelerate incident management. The result: fewer events, fewer incidents and reduced downtime.

plan for the future
Stabilize and optimize your current infrastructure with valuable and accurate management information. This liberates valuable resources and enables you to focus on your future priorities.
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