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Open Videopresence Ready

A virtual room in the cloud that enables you to setup videoconferences from desktops, smartphones, tablets and conference rooms, at any time

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Videoconferencing in High Definition*
The virtual room is an online space which allows you to organize secure and effective, last minute meetings in high definition and without reservation, on all types of equipment.

Three offers are available:


  • organize your videoconferences at any time with a solution that is available 24/7
  • invite participants with a single click from all mobile devices (PC’s, tablets and smartphones)
  • follow the instructions provided in the invitation email received by the organizer’s conference room*
  • enjoy unlimited communications**, only the number of participants connected simultaneously is limited according to the offer subscribed to


* Note: The Client is obliged to adopt reasonable behavior when using the unlimited service provided (for more information see details in the “Learn more” section)

How does it work?

at the time of creation, the organizer receives 2 emails:

  • a confirmation email: which must be saved as it contains the organizer code, necessary to launch (or to start) videoconferences
  • an invitation email: which will need to be forwarded to anyone you wish to invite to participate to the videoconference



Gain responsiveness and flexibility
Your Videoconferencing solution is unlimited* and it can be used at any time. You can organize it in the most efficient way to suit you. Connect to it from your computer, your Smartphone or Tablet, wherever you are. You can also use your videoconferencing rooms which you can connect to easily thanks to Open Videopresence Ready.

Facilitate communication

Those you invite (internal colleagues, clients, suppliers or partners) can join the videoconference meeting very easily, regardless of the endpoints they’re using, whether it be PC’s, Smartphone’s, Tablets or Videoconference rooms**.

Speed up the decision making process
By considerably limiting travelling, by doing so you’re associates will be able to make quick decisions.

Control your costs
A fixed monthly payment based on the type of package you are subscribed to so the amount you pay is predictable

*Note: The client is obliged to adopt a reasonable behavior when using the unlimited service (for more information see details in the “Learn more” section)
**Open Videopresence, within the framework of the Open Videopresence offer; and all the conference rooms on protocol H323 for the Open Videopresence Premium


Useful documents

Brochure Open Videopresence Ready

Videomeeting application which allows you to access Open Videopresence videoconferences from any mobile terminals (Smartphones or Tablets)
download it for free on:


learn more

How to choose the most suitable offer?

Choose the offer that suits you according to your needs:


Then, determine the number of participants that will be able to be connected at the same time. Three offers are available in order to include participants to enjoy unlimited communications.  

All three packages include:

  • unlimited number of meetings
  • unlimited communications* 
  • limited number of participants : 5, 10, 15 or 30 depending on the size of the chosen offer


Your meetings need to be secured?
 The organizer has a pass code which allows them to unlock access to the videoconference.

Note : The Virtual rooms work on the internet and on a 4G network.
The guest rooms can connect on the internet (H323 Protocol) or on ISDN (H320 Protocol)

* Note: The client is obliged to adopt a reasonable behavior when using the unlimited service. By “reasonable” use it is intended, 12,000 minutes for the Small offer, 18,000 for the Medium offer and 24,000 minutes for the Large offer. Failure to comply to this, Orange Business Services holds the right to suspend and to cancel the Client’s order as specified in the General Terms and conditions of Orange Business Services. 
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