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Open Videopresence Management

A managed videoconferencing solution, based on the customer's infrastructure

Orange Business Services


a complete solution for high definition videoconferencing  
Open Videopresece Management includes providing the videoconferencing facilities, integrating them into your environment, the monitoring and maintenance of the offer as well as providing you with various offers to help you manage your solution on a day to day basis.
a videoconferencing solution managed by Orange Business Services for you
With Open Videopresence Management, you can delegate Orange Business Services to manage your videoconferencing solution : managing the matching of different terminals, control its operation and remote intervention.
a modular solution for strong commitments on service quality  
Additional options are also available to go even further in supporting such as, pre sales design, dedicated customer service, reporting to the users… etc. Choose the option that suits you and enjoy a solution that fits your  needs.


the best alternative to a physical meeting
Open Videopresence Management offers a comfortable work environment with a wide range of videoconferencing endpoints ranging from immersive rooms to individual workstations. By promoting remote collaborative work, you spend less time travelling, preserving you from fatigue and improving your efficiency during your working hours.
delegate the management of your videoconferencing solution  
Orange Business Services is committed to give you the benefit of an infrastructure tailored to your needs, while being responsible for the implementation of your solution deployment to its maintenance; by updating required software updates and managing all technical aspects throughout your project.
make the most of your videoconferencing solution
By choosing a managed solution, you do not have to rely on internal resources to manage your solution, our teams are in charge. Optimize the return on investment (ROI) of your solution.


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compatible with your existing videoconferencing solutions
Open Videopresence Management offers you the option of connecting your new equipment to your existing videoconferencing solutions enabling you to make the most out of your investments
communicate beyond the boundaries of your business
Orange Business Services  enables you to have videoconferences between business to business but also to public Telepresence rooms. Thanks to the Open Videopresence Community offer you can hold conferences with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers around the world, even if your contacts are not Orange Business Services Clients
agreements with major global operators
Orange Business Services has signed several agreements with major global operators (AT&T, BT, Tata, Telefonica, Verizon, BCS Global, T-system, Airtel and Glowpoint)  making us one of the few market operators  who is able to offer you the most extensive network coverage
aiming towards seamless interoperability
Orange Business Services is one of the founding members of OVCC (Open Visual Communication Consortium), launched in October 2011, which aims to simplify access to videoconferencing, regardless of the network carrier, manufacturer or the type of terminal used



It is important for businesses who wish to benefit from the advantages of Videoconferencing to follow their usage and performance, as well as promoting the solution to their stakeholders so that they can also adopt it. By doing so, businesses are able to optimise resources and assure their user satisfaction.
We follow and guide our clients to become more effective and help to significantly reduce their costs of transports. In turn, this means that their Return on Investment (ROI) is direct.

The adoption of a Videoconference solution by the user's stakeholders will completely transform their ways of working together as well as their habits. Nowadays, organizations use Videoconferencing for more than just simple meetings between conference rooms. Users can now connect via PC’s, smartphones or even tablets, adapting to user preferences and their habits. It's simple, they can choose the solution which suits them the most and then use it in a flexible manner.

The customer service manager, will guide clients along all the stages of this transformation, giving them the key to increase their usage according to the maturity of their solutions.

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