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Open Videopresence Flexible Premium

A high-end videoconference service in cloud mode which is fully managed by Orange Business Services.

Orange Business Services



  • Simplicity and flexibility in cloud mode

You can access the service without investing in a dedicated infrastructure for a  monthly flat fee per room. Your solution will accompany you in the growth of your business

  • Enjoy lifelike meetings

Open Videopresence Flexible premium makes your videoconferences seem like real life meetings by making it seem as if your contacts are physically present. This is thanks to the vast range of equipment which is available for your meetings from immersive rooms to personal equipment such as computers and tablets

  • Without worrying about technical constraints 

Meetings can be launched thanks to the “One Button To Push” feature available on the in-room Touch-Panel and by benefiting from the Concierge Services offered by Orange which are tailored to your needs




 What it does?

An open solution to communicate with all kind of partners

  • With external rooms, with computers, tablets and smartphones, with the customer’s unified communication solution, with external partners through VPN, thanks to OVP Community option.

A very easy-to-use solution

  • Thanks to the dedicated web portal, Open Videopresence Flexible Premium end-users can book and schedule an Open Videopresence conference as well as modify and cancel their own meetings, and edit their own account.

  • The "One-Button-to-Push" feature allows to simply touch the meeting that is listed on the in-room Touch Panel to start a meeting.

  • The user can share documents with all participants, he will only need to plug the VGA or HDMI cable on his computer.

An end-to-end support for our customers

  • A dedicated project manager who will be in charge of the delivery of the service , the training sessions to help you use the solution and the concierge service for assistance


Your benefit


  • Plan your video conference in just a few clicks through the web reservation portal
  • Launch your conferences with one-button-to-push from your room


  • Reduced travel and lodging expenses
  • Control your budget with packages adapted to your needs


  • Take advantage of unequalled visual comfort through HD videoconferencing
  • Hear your meeting attendees as if they were in front of you thanks to spatially oriented sound


  • Discuss sensitive information with secure access
  • Secure your inter-company and inter-carrier calls, systematically routed over the secure platform

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How does it work?

Before the conference

Easy ways to book and schedule your videoconference:

  • Through our Orange Videoconferencing web portal
  • Directly from your Outlook interface

At launch 

With the "one button to push" function, you only have to press a button to launch the videoconference

  • Non OBtP-compatible endpoints will be automatically launched

During the conference

  • The possibility to share documents (high quality sharing as an option)
  • Continuous presence

Organize your videoconference in less than 5 minutes and benefit from a simple and a secure access

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