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Open Videopresence Flexible Express

A solution for organizing videoconferences easily and reliably, regardless of your equipment.

Orange Business Services


A solution for organizing videoconferences easily and reliably, regardless of your equipment


an enriched videoconference service
Open Videopresence Flexible Express is a solution that enables users to find rooms, check their availability and schedule videoconference meetings in advance or at the last minute via the online booking portal.

an open service
Users can join meetings with all types of equipments, whether it be conference rooms, PC’s or tablets. You will also have the possibility to share documents for more collaborative meetings.

guidance by Orange Business Services
You can benefit from the Orange Business Services expertise for the management of your videoconferencing solution in cloud mode. A hotline with experts can intervene to help you at any time  (24/7).




concentrate on the subject of the videoconference
The organization for remote working sessions is fully supported by Orange Business Services experts from your office or your videoconference equipped meeting rooms. This allows you to focus on the essence of the meeting.

speed up the decision making process
By significantly reducing travel and facilitating collaborative work; your employees will be able make quick decisions, stress less and fatigue less; which in turn will result in a well-balanced personal and professional life.

manage your costs
There are no upstream investments: you will benefit from simple and predictable pricing in the form of a monthly subscription per room, including unlimited use within your community.


interconnect all of your sites with the help of Orange Business Services
We offer a secure solution to optimize your meetings and ensure interoperability between the different sites of your company and your partners through a secure oversized platform. Whether you are connecting from a VPN, ISDN or Internet IP network, you can reach your connections with ease.

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3 packages available
You have the choice between 3 packages which include unlimited communications within the Open Videopresence community: initial rate (fee per minute), daily rate (up to 10 hours of external communication per month) and the intense package (up to 25 hours of external communication per month).

choose the best equipment available to enjoy a unique experience
Orange Business Services partners with manufacturers and offers a unique certification program, the OCEP program.  The equipment is tested and we gurantee its’ ergonomy and compatibility with the Open Videopresence offer.

be guided with user services offered from the beginning to end
A problem? In doubt? Orange Business Services will be there to support you:

  • to discover the solution, by providing an administration training included in the offer
  • with the organization of conferences, by offering an ergonomic booking portal
  • at the start of conferences, with an automatic launch for your reserved videoconferences
  • with a concierge service which is available at any time, 24/7, in English and French to assist you whatever your needs may be
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