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The current economic context justifies the implementation of videoconferencing

When using videoconferencing solutions, you receive direct positive impacts on your business. Indeed, your travel expenses are reduced, as well as CO² emission.  As your employees travel less, they save time and improve their work/life balance.

4 components are required to implement an efficient videoconferencing solution:

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With Open Videopresence, choose the solution that  best meets your needs

We offer a full range of videoconferencing solutions, which can be successfully integrated into your existing environment:

  • We offer all kinds of business models: on-premises, private or public cloud
  • Our solutions are compatible with any device: smartphones, tablets, PC, video rooms or immersive rooms
  • They can be implemented whatever the network: ISDN, Internet or MPLS
  • We offer interoperability with carriers such as Tata or AT&T for your inter-companies conference

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  • Enriched collaboration: information is understood 6 times better visually than with oral communication only (Baylor College of Medicine, 2009).
  • Improved comfort: with a better balance between career and private life.
  • Eco-friendly approach: with a reduced carbon footprint (on average, videoconferencing prevents the emission of 160g  of CO2 into the atmosphere).
  • Cost reduction: for transports or lodging (saving 20% budget transport & accommodation).

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End-user experience

  • A single point of contact: Orange takes care of the overall management of your video solution.
  • A concierge service available at any time with multilingual interlocutors.
  • A booking portal to ease the access to videoconferencing and manage the service adoption. Our portal is available in several languages on all time zones.

Consultancy, integration managed services

To ensure the adoption of your videoconferencing solution, you can benefit from our range of services:

  • Consultancy, to assess and design the best solution for your company
  • Project Management, to implement and integrate the solution into your organization
  • Customer Service Management, to ensure the day-to-day follow-up of your solution. Your Customer Service Manager is your primary contact to guide you, support your service adoption and manage your escalations. You benefit from a complete dashboard with key indicators to successfully monitor the solution.

Rich portfolio – Native integration

  • Orange can offer a full range of solutions, based on best-of-breed partners.
  • We also manage B2B interoperability with carriers such as Tata and AT&T so that you can organize meetings with your external partners in a secure way.
  • Our intent is to break silos between personal and group video. That is why our video portfolio is fully compatible with UC solutions.

Largest voice & video network

VPN quality is available in 107 countries

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Why Orange ?

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