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Network IVR

International network-based calling qualification and customer self-service applications.

Orange Business Services



sophisticated self-service for callers while reducing costs for you
Network IVR automates caller information collection by directing callers to the services they need, without agent help. Voice XML development has facilitated and accelerated sophisticated self-service IVR applications to enable callers to perform full transactions (place and check orders, pay bills, etc.).
network (or cloud) based IVR services can be used efficiently by any site
Network IVR is a value-added component of Contact Center Acccess. It is built into the Orange network and can be efficiently used across multiple sites. Customers do not need to change their existing contact center environment to provide the added functionality because it comes from the network. Network IVR benefits from existing Intelligent Network features, which provide customers with precise routing.
wide availability & reliability
We offer unprecedented worldwide service availability including various types of local access numbers in more than 100 countries. We can deliver calls to contact centers all over the world. All calls, regardless of their origin or termination country, can benefit from IVR. Our Network IVR offer is a carrier-grade, fully redundant and resilient solution.

what it does

need to lower costs and provide customers with better service?
Network IVR lets you do both. Sophisticated systems including voice XML speech recognition can provide customers with the support they expect. The low cost of a technology solution lets you lower your cost per contact and give agents more interesting work.
want to efficiently route calls according to caller needs?
Voice Menu applications allow you to screen calls within our global Intelligent Network and route them according to the caller's needs. With this service, your call centers can implement call qualification at the network level or provide voice menu interaction for routine transactions, as a front-end application, or for overflow traffic. For example, callers can be given the opportunity to be routed to a live operator by dialing a predefined digit.
need access to reports for better capacity planning and call routing?
With our online Network IVR reporting tool, you have access to reports that allow better capacity planning, more efficient call routing, traffic management and the understanding of user experience within the application, as well as a better understanding of cost drivers.
want a service model adapted to your requirements?
Network IVR is available in two service models that allow you to administer your voice application on your own, or outsource the whole service to Orange.

how it works


architecture overview
Our Network IVR services are based on distributed IVR systems, which are fully integrated into our Intelligent Network (IN). Network IVR has three components: Voice XML Gateways, Management Server & Web Application Servers (WAS). The platform is redundant with sites in Paris and London.

  • Voice XML gateways present recorded voice prompts or synthesized text-to-speech to end-users based on instructions received from the Web Application Servers. Each Gateway accepts touch-tone input from user telephones.
  • The Voice web management server performs essential management and reporting functions such as:
    • port management and allocation,
    • management of URL & telephone number mapping,
    • application provisioning,
    • reporting.

  • The Web Application Server (WAS) provides the application logic that governs the caller's interaction with the system. It defines the user interface - directing the Telephony Servers to play recorded greetings, prompts and informational messages. It receives caller input via the Voice XML Gateways and plays customized responses. It also provides interfaces to the establishment's back-office computing systems (CRM system, database, mainframe).

Network IVR is available in more than 50 countries and directs calls to domestic or international contact centers. As Network IVR is a value-added service for our call collection service, it can only be sold with Contact Center Access.

your benefits

improve quality of service and customer satisfaction
With Network IVR automatic call treatment, calls are sent to the agent most capable of answering them. By optimizing call routing, the right agent is contacted the first time with no need to transfer the call to another agent.
control and reduce operational costs
Network IVR is a pay-as-you-go service. You do not need to invest in premise-based IVRs for each contact center site, or to invest in new staff for each call center location. You do not have to buy new licenses or additional hardware. We are also fully responsible for the management of solution upgrades.

increased agent productivity
Network IVR increases agent productivity and improves contact center metrics. With self-service applications, IVR can minimize the number of agents required and lead to huge cost savings. This also frees agents for more complicated and value added activities because the IVR can handle routine and mundane functions.
receive the highest level of service management available
Our Service Management includes consultancy services, a single technical contact for your whole network, customer change management, proactive optimization of your network, and commitment to service quality through Service Level Agreements.

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Network IVR delivers a variety of optional features:

pre-recorded audio files provided by the customer (free option)
In case where the customer provides Orange Business Services with pre-recorded audio files, we will insert these messages in the IVR application free of charge.

text-to-speech (chargeable option)
Instead of using recorded messages (.VOX files), an application using Text-to-Speech (TTS) software supporting +50 languages, will provide voice stream messages from text entered manually into our tool or dynamically from a customer database. This solution is cost effective since the customer does not need to create any pre-recorded audio files. It is also more flexible as administrators can frequently change the content of each message, especially for messages containing advertising campaigns or emergency notices.

automatic speech recognition (chargeable option)
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) available in +50 languages provides an alternative to touchtone systems and is based on Nuance technology. It allows the caller to speak naturally in directed dialogs to select the services needed.

For further functionality, the Web Application Server can be integrated with SMS or e-mail systems.
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