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Network Contact Manager

A converged virtual contact center service using VoIP, IP telephony and intelligent call routing services.

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fully convergent contact center service
Network Contact Manager is a value added service for multinationals to rationalize and consolidate contact center resources to manage traffic and optimize call management. The service delivers in-the-cloud ACD features, intelligent call routing, advanced reporting and features allowing you to build a convergent virtual IP contact center.
hosted, virtual contact center optimizes resources around the world
As a hosted service, you are able to build a virtual contact center across multiple locations, so that resources are available from anywhere at anytime. Callers receive the same high quality service regardless of where the agents or call centers are located. This allows you to match your contact center activities to your business needs and organization. By implementing a single queue for all incoming calls, your business can integrate resources and intelligently route calls according to agents' availability and skills.
comprehensive service with Cisco-based technology
Based on robust Cisco technology, Network Contact Center can run over your existing telephony infrastructure. It delivers comprehensive contact center services within a flexible operational and commercial framework. As a global, integrated provider, we host and manage the service on your behalf and establish Service Level Agreements to assure availability.
functionality, 24-hour service and geographic independence
Dispersing (disseminated) contact centers across the world allows you to take advantage of lower cost labor and provide 24/7service by routing calls offshore outside of business hours, creating true "around-the-clock" operations at a lower cost than operating a one country.

what it does

need to optimize your call routing management?
In order to connect every call to the best available agent, Network Contact Manager combines call qualification features with skill-based pre- and post-routing. The optimal routing decisions are ensured on a call-by-call basis, taking into account caller data a retrieved from our network or from premise-hosted applications.

is efficient deployment of your resources a priority?
You can manage and deploy contact center resources such as agent changes more efficiently by using a web-based interface. You can also define and view real-time and historical call performance reports.

want to easily control incoming calls?
Your agents will use applications that will enable them to manage and control incoming calls from their desktop PC. The Agent Desktop includes a softphone and workflow automation so that the agent can perform ACD functions (log in, availability, wrap-up, etc.) as well as call control features (answer, hold, transfer, release).

need scalability and 24*7 service monitoring?
Our Network Contact Manager platform is fully managed by a highly skilled team, with 24*7 service monitoring and steady service evolution and performance, as well as a guaranteed SLA on recovery time. With this service, you can quickly and easily add new agents to the platform and respond to increased call volume.

how it works


architecture overview
Network Contact Manager is delivered through hosted network contact center platforms, fully managed in our premises, that provide ACD features and intelligently monitor your contact center activities. It uses Cisco technology combined with intelligent network routing for use by virtual contact centers. Traffic is collected through our inbound call collection network and qualified by our Network IVR service. Data between the hosted platform and the contact center sites is transported via IP VPN.
The central platform is a fully redundant platform hosted in two separate Orange facilities; each call manager requires a peripheral gateway, provided by Orange, to communicate with NCM.

Network Contact Manager has wide global reach with various types of public access numbers available in more than 109 countries and call termination in more than 95 countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific. It is a hosted service combined with our advanced Contact Center and network services: Contact Center Access, Network IVR and IP VPN.

your benefits

manage and control disparate contact centers
With advanced and centralized reporting, you get a total view of the performance of the global contact center's activity, letting you measure the efficiency of your contact center, and adapt your resources as necessary. You can move contact centers from or to any location in the world, allowing you to easily adjust contact center activities to your business rules and organizational changes.

improve customer service and customer satisfaction
The ability to transfer calls between multiple centers makes responding to inquiries more efficient.. Calls are answered more quickly, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and, consequently, reduced churn.

increase productivity and revenues
A single queue across multiple call centers and intelligent routing, helps you decrease average queuing time, average conversation length and inter-site call transfer, resulting in lower communications charges and other equipment-induced costs. By networking multiple sites into a single virtual contact center, you can better distribute call volumes and optimize agent productivity.

simplify call center cost management
By having a hosted and fully managed solution you are able to predict monthly expenses and better control your costs. You will have one global partner who can accommodate your contact center requirements.

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Network Contact Manager provides optional features, such as routing control and contact center reporting.

  • the routing control option lets you define, modify and view call routing logic and make changes to system configurations.
  • CUIC (Cisco Unified Intelligence Center) reporting is a reporting application that allows access to reporting via the web.
  • Network-to-Desktop Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) coordinates voice and data transfer to optimize every customer transaction, from the network to the desktop, while enhancing call center efficiency and lowering costs
  • CTI & Agent Desktop software provides a fully functional softphone with advanced tools to interface with customer applications and databases.
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