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Network Boost

A managed service to control, accelerate and guarantee the performance of critical applications, and optimize bandwidth usage on redundant sites.

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optimized network performance
Network Boost is a managed service enabling you to improve the performance of your network applications by giving priority to critical flows and accelerating traffic for better service to your users.
quality commitments
With Network Boost, Orange can provide application performance SLAs in order to give you maximum confidence that your applications will continuously perform at the level your business needs to succeed.
visibility and control over network usage
You have full visibility of your application flows and your network uses. You also maintain control of your data system thanks to real-time decision making support.
Your network will be able to adapt on a permanent basis to the growing number of data exchanges and the development of new applications.

optimized network investments
Network Boost brings the full benefits of WAN Governance technologies to redundant networks and optimizes overall bandwidth costs using the combination of a business grade network (like MPLS) and cheaper Internet VPN for example.
single point of entry
Network Boost offers a common management framework for both network and application optimization. Therefore, you get a single point of entry for network and application reporting as well as a customer service manager as a single contact for managing your network and applications.

what it does

do you need to control your multimedia and business application flows?
With Network Boost, you can monitor the behavior of your data system in real time. You choose your settings and dynamically classify the critical flows of your business by order of importance. Physical probes installed on your sites provide measurement and optimization functions in real time. Tele/engine probes can also be used without setting up any equipment to benefit from remote reporting and one-way optimization.
do you want to monitor and pilot your applications in real time?
With Network Boost, you have access to application reporting that provides you with behavioral trends of your applications on the network. You also benefit from application QoS enabling dynamic management of data flows based on the performance criteria set for each application.
is ensuring your business continuity a top priority?
Network Boost offers service level agreements for your most critical applications. Together, we define and set the application performance objectives adapted to your business and your IT environment. The behavior of the application flows is optimized based on the objectives you set.

do you want to optimize your network investment?
Network Boost offers a unique way to address hybrid networking as well as to enable initelligent Internet off-load. Indeed you can leverage the availability of two WAN accesses at a given site and then optimize your network investment. You also bring the full benefits of WAN Governance to your redundant networks by maximizing application performance, security, and network usage.

how it works

a solution managed by Orange Business Services
Network Boost is based on the installation and configuration of physical LAN probes, managed and installed on relevant sites of your network.
You can also order tele|engine probes that enable you to remotely benefit from application reporting on subscribed sites and thus to control the performance of those applications. Network Boost, tele|engine probes for monitoring and benefitting from remote reporting.


Network Boost operates on Orange IP VPN network for all sites in France and abroad. To benefit from Network Boost, customers must first subscribe to Service Select Extended Service Delivery. Network Boost is part of Business Acceleration, our solution that let's you improve and control application performance across your entire network and IT infrastructure, including in the data center.
Business Acceleration is complementary to Network Boost:

  • Application Centric Networking Consultancy: Consulting assessments help you identify and solve root causes of application performance issues or plan for deployment of new applications or data center consolidation
  • Server management: Delegate the hosting and management of your servers to Orange so you can benefit from the highest quality of service and focus on your core business.
  • Security solutions: Our wide range of security products will ensure that your data centers and traffic are free from threats that could bring them down.

your benefits

identify and control application flows
You choose your configurations based on your business requirements. You have full visibility of your applications and uses of your network, per site and per groups of users. You maintain control of your data system thanks to real-time decision making.
accelerate exchanges
With data compression and acceleration of traffic flows, response times are shorter. Your data exchanges are reduced, flow more easily and your quality of service is improved.
improve productivity
The availability of your priority business applications is guaranteed in all circumstances to meet your customer requirements and reach your company objectives.

optimize network investments
With the dynamic application level load-balancing option, you can monetize the secondary link of your redundant sites. You can optimize the overall bandwidth costs while maximizing application performance, security, and network usage.
reduce costs
This end-to-end managed service requires no capital expenditures, so you lower your investments in hardware and human resources. And, by controlling and managing the existing bandwidth, you limit the costs of upgrading your network.
no investment
As a managed service, Network Boost does not require any customer investments in hardware.

learn more

Network Boost includes at minimum:

  • Application reporting: Application reporting provides a comprehensive view of the application behavior in the network as well as real-time data.
  • Application QoS: Application QoS enables you to dynamically manage your network resources based on performance criteria set for the applications. The managed LAN probes make it possible to classify the flows by order of importance and give priority to critical flows.

You can also subscribe to five complementary options depending on your business needs:

  • Acceleration combines two features: One improves data exchanges and optimizes the use of bandwidth. The other compresses data and eliminates redundancy to reduce data exchanges on the network.
  • Application SLA lets you subscribe to application performance agreements, for each site, including indicators for voice and data flows.
  • SmartPath enables you to optimize your investments for each redundant site while maximizing application performance, security, and network usage.
  • Application Monitoring lets you foresee service degradations for critical applications thanks to the alert thresholds we configure and define with you.
  • Self Management lets you manage (configure, modify, etc.) your application services on your own via a secure Web interface.
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