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My Service Management


With My Service Management, we provide a toolkit of point-and-click handling functions that are designed to manage incidents and track their resolutions online.


  • Create and track incident tickets quickly and conveniently online via PC, mobile or tablet
  • Navigate seamlessly between your incidents, events and inventory
  • Select to receive e-mail notifications for incident status updates
  • Visualize your incidents and events on geographical maps




Web-based tools save time and improve business performance. With My Service Management, you can:


  • Reduce lead time and have more visibility when managing incidents
  • Reduce margin-of-error with the convenience of online inventory listings
  • Increase productivity by reducing phone calls, emails and duplicate work
  • Facilitate collaboration within your team and with Orange Business Services


Available on the My Service Space portal, this application completes our suite of digital features for managing all Orange Business Services products and services with more control and better efficiency.



My Service Space is a web based service application that provides a single portal for all your service needs.
Using My Service Space enables you to have immediate online access to different features to manage your Orange Business Services solutions online.


My Service Space provides you with value-added capacity to monitor your solutions. This intuitive online solution allows you to control your solutions end-to-end from anywhere.

 My Service Space : main services offered to manage your solutions

My Service Space is designed for multinational companies with one or more of our solutions and is included as part of their overall service charge.My Service Space adresses all our customers whatever the industry sector or location.

Using My Service Space enables you to have immediate access to different features to manage your Orange Business Services solutions online.

  • Request and validate quotations 
  • Track orders
  • View and download invoices / credit notes
  • Download billing reports
  • View inventory of your network and related services and equipment configurations
  • Generate statistics on traffic, quality of service and capacity planning
  • Manage incident, change and disconnect requests


  • From anywhere in the world, access an intuitive online application
  • Benefit from customizable profiles for efficient access to user-specific information
  • Access self-service features for faster problem resolutions
  • Reduce handling time by minimizing telephone calls and emails. And manage your network and services end-to-end
  • Receive notifications on incidents and changes status via email notifications
  • Facilitate collaboration within your team and with Orange Business Services by posting, reviewing and sharing real time updates and comments

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You need to manage your solutions online. 

  • Manage solutions and user’s profiles as well as user services such as mailboxes, websites, mail relay, tokens, and password reset.
  • Access information on services usage via specific tools like logs, statistics, and history of operations.                                                             

You need reports on your services or solutions. 

  • Access HTML statistics on traffic and performance (based on online queries) or historical files.
  • Reports can be downloaded as a file (Word, Excel or PDF) - Reports are pre-defined but can also be generated ad hoc.
  • Befenit from simple availability reports to SLAs.

You need to have information on your services readily available.

  • Access up-to-date components list of solutions (devices, circuits).
  • View details on devices, circuits or interfaces (name, status, actions) available via the component dialog box.
  • Possibility to update devices with your component name.
  • Benefit from a 360° view for each component of your inventory with related information (incidents, events, and other connected component.).

You need to be reactive to manage incidents and events.

  • Create incident tickets online and track their resolution.
  • Navigate seamlessly between your incidents / events / inventory.
  • Choose to receive e-mail notification upon incident status change.
  • Visualize your incidents and events on geographical maps.
View the My Service Space incidents video

You need to manage effectively change requests.

  • Submit changes based on change catalog or your device inventory.
  • Follow change requests (online dashboard with different views: table, card or map).
  • Receive e-mail notifications at any stage of the change status evolution.
View the My Service Space changes video

You need to manage online quotes  and track orders.

  • Post your quote requests online (new, change)
  • Track quote status through dashboard (list of quotes with information, dates, product, status, etc.)
  • Turn quotes into orders and track order status
  • Access to quote details and notifications
  • Manage disconnects
View the My Service Space order tracking video View the My Service Space online quoting video

You need to control bills.

  • View and download invoices and credit notes in either single or consolidated PDF file format, per billing period.
  • Access reports of financial invoices and traffic details in CSV format (convert to Excel).
  • Benefit from e-invoicing.
  • Receive emails notifications to be informed when reports are available.
  • Use online interface to submit queries to billing analysts.
View the My Service Space billing video

You need to see upcoming planned and expedite maintenance events. 

  • View dashboard with all maintenance events and details that are upcoming or that occurred in the last 23 days.
  • Receive email notifications on planned & expedite maintenance events
  • Import maintenance events  in outlook calendars or in an Excel  file.
  • Export the past or upcoming maintenances dashboard in “XLS” format.

You need information on a service or a contact.  

  • Access to a secured documentation place with a library of documents published by customer support (e.g. SLA.).
  • Set-up notifications to be notified when Orange contacts publish a new document, make a comment…
  • Access details about your contacts and you can contact them by emails.
View the My Service Space information center video
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